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Muskies episode 5, in which everyone gets their own plotline except for Porthos, who is once more reduced to window-dressing.

...are they using that man's head as a battering ram?

Marcheaux choosing to hide behind the attractive habadashery display instead of lending a hand. For shame, Georges.

Oh God, not another one who wants to be king. It's like there's a plague of them.

The Musketeers are here to restore order by the authority of their flowing locks.

I've always enjoyed Athos' approach to swordfighting, which usually goes "first, punch them in the face".

"I trust this won't descend into street theatre?" Oh no, don't say the mime artists have escaped!

Marcheaux's little smile at Athos is hilarious. I wouldn't be averse to some hate!sex between them. Just sayin...

It strikes me that if I was an escaping prisoner I'd be legging it as far away as fast as possible, not overturning market stalls and drawing attention to myself.

I like that Sylvie's quick enough to figure out a way to flag up what's going on. Also that she then rescues Athos by whacking the guy over the head. But I think my favourite bit has to be Athos chucking one of them off the balcony.

"It's yours if you want it back." <3

"I've left the letters where they can be easily pinched rather than hanging on to them until the king is less distracted. That can't possibly go wrong, right?"

How handy that Rochelle followed Anabelle's abductors all the way. Although apparently then did bugger all about it.

"You have the scent of the garrison." Ewwwww! What the hell does that mean? Especially if it's detectable all the way across a room.

This season, from the finest Parisian Perfumery: "Scent of the garrison". Will bring all the Musketeers to the yard.

"I gave you the chance." Yes but you didn't adequately explain that the alternative was death, did you Feron?

D'Artagnan are you absolutely sure that leaving an insane and disturbed man who's just violently kicked you, in the care of some defenceless nuns is a good idea?

"Georges. What have we done?" Well, technically nothing in Georges' case, and I bet that "we" has just really pissed him off, heh.

Given the ease with which the Musketeers gain access to the vault by declaring it's being robbed, you wonder why Feron didn't just send some chaps posing as Red Guard in to rob it that way in the first place.

If you've got to die, being impaled by Athos and Porthos simultaneously seems a good way to go *sniggers*

Oh look, the inevitable dead nuns. *sighs*

LOLing at how Porthos and Athos keep trying to keep Aramis away from the queen.

How exactly has Nutty McNutface gained access to the King's room that easily? There really are no guards in this palace at all, are there?

Oh good move Marcheaux in getting the awkward corpse blamed on the random murderer!

Ten out of ten to Anne for playing along, minus several hundred for taking him into the loneliest section of the grounds rather than, say, the throne room where all the guards are.

There's just something about Athos' running that puts me irresistibly in mind of Eddie Izzard.

I like that Athos doesn't bother explaining that he might have come round to Sylvie's way of thinking, and just goes straight for the face sucking. Also that she clearly doesn't mind.

Well, I think that was my least favourite episode of this series so far, it dragged a bit and it was too fragmented. Still better than most of season 2 though.

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