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Oh my God, there's a Yassen Gregorovich short story, why has no-one ever told me this? (I'm not claiming it's earth-shattering, to be honest AH's short stories have always left something to be desired if you ask me, but anyway, it exists, and I flailed, because Yassen.)

White Carnation (link's to a PDF, story's on page 28)

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Title: Unfinished Business
Pairings: Alex Rider/Yassen Gregorovich
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 5,684
Summary: MI6 are rather surprised by the news that one of their agents is dead. Because as far as they knew, he died twelve years previously. Mrs Jones investigates.
A/N: [ profile] ranilos wanted something tying in with To The Sea/Lights Out where Mrs Jones finds out years later that Alex and Yassen are still together. And so this happened...(it's pretty much an epilogue/postscript to those fics, so won't make a lot of sense if you've not read them first).

Cross-posted to AO3.

Mrs Jones looked up at the unexpected tap on her door and frowned. )
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Have now posted "To The Sea" as a complete entity here on AO3 - 23k in total, blimey. Also, it seems to be my 40th Y/A fic. Woo!
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Title: Lights Out
Pairings: Alex Rider/Yassen Gregorovich
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 20,853
Summary: So most of my head canon involving Yassen and Alex tends to end with them running off into the sunset together to live happily in the Greek islands. Except then I got to wondering how that would end up, so here they are, ten years on, Alex in his late twenties, Yassen in his late forties, having basically turned into an old married couple. Until a ghost from the past turns their world upside down and leaves them once more fighting for their lives...

Posted here at AO3, because apparently 21k's too big for LJ to cope with in a single post, bah.
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For the possibly two people that may be interested:


*realises has to actually finish that post-Scorpia Rising fic before October and RR potentially screws up headcanon for good*
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So, five hours, 430 pages, one large pot of coffee and most of a bottle of wine later - I am ready to turn the internet on again. Ahem.

I shan't say much (as I know at least a couple of people on m'flist will be wanting to read it), other than the title quote, which I can't resist, and not really spoilery )


Apr. 2nd, 2011 09:59 am
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So I have in my sweaty little hands Scorpia Rising, the latest Alex Rider book.

Here, have some Alex Pettyfer gifs to celebrate. )

PS: I may not come back until I've finished it, see you on the flipside.
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So Stormbreaker was on yesterday, and a couple of things occurred to me. Because I am a child.

3 pointless macros )
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Just looked up to discover a motherfuckingly huge spider on the wall. Made brave attempt to capture it with stand-by spider-capturing kit (despite having no trousers on) but succeeded only in the equivalent of stamping on its foot. It ran behind a stack of books. I lifted a couple off. It glowered at me from behind a copy of Stormbreaker. Hah. Chalk one more reluctant kill up to Mr Rider thar...*shudders*
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I appear not to have posted in a week. Oops. BGT semis and [ profile] uk_lolitics appears to have eaten all my time.

Am currently reading "Dr. No". Unfeasibly amused that Bond!girl is called Honeychile Rider. Keep imagining Alex in drag.

It's the first one I've read, and so far I'm rather liking book!Bond (if that doesn't sound too much like a teabag). Oddly it also makes me appreciate Charlie Higson's Young Bond books even more than I did (which was quite a lot) because I can really see the boy of those books growing into the man here. Plus, Higson's deadly tropical assault course was more inventive and exciting than the one in this... *coughs* [/heresy]. Makes me want to read them all again, which is annoying because the first one's the only one I haven't got. *eyes eBay speculatively*
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Here, have an Alex Pettyfer pic!spam. Because I'm bored, and he's cute. Also, apparently not averse to getting his kit off...

Title quote, incidentally, from Point Blanc, the second Alex Rider book. It may have made me laugh quite a lot. Because I am a child.

Also, apparently he was up for the part of Alex in the Mummy 3. (a) I really, really, really wish he'd done it, and (b) WTF, will he only play people called Alex? *sporfles*

um, there's quite a few... )


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