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I've just finished reading Biggles In The Terai. The *entire* plot is that Algy's gone missing and Biggles has literally flown half-way round the world to look for him. It's glorious.

"It sounds to me as if he thought he might be interfered with." *gigglesnorts*

spoiler cut on the off-chance there are Biggles fiends amongst you )

Also I am entertained by the fact that at *exactly* the point I read a line about a storm breaking over them, there was a big fuck-off clap of thunder over the house. Excellent timing, weather, excellent.

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I'm currently reading Pasha Kovalev's autobiography. He grew up in Siberia and his parents worked at a factory making atomic submarines and fighter jets. There is now no part of me that does not believe the dancing thing is a cover for him being some sort of assassin. He could always kill people with his thighs.

Pashaaaaa )
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Just finished season 7 of Supernatural. To discover season 8's not released until next month, and then will be hellish expensive, because hello, new release. Balls.

Spoilery SE7 question )

It seems to have snuck up on us, but I see there's a new Terry Pratchett out in November - Raising Steam. And it's a Moist von Lipwig book! I am excite. And have already pre-ordered, along with The Magus of Hay, Phil Rickman's new Merrily Watkins book. It's been two years, I'm getting Merrily withdrawal. (I can has paycheck now? Um.)
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The Glass Books of the Dream EatersThe Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by Gordon Dahlquist

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I originally bought the hardback version of this when it first came out, entirely because it was an amazingly beautiful edition. It then sat on my shelf for several years because it was the size of a garden shed and therefore too bulky and inconvenient to carry about (I do most of my reading on the train to and from work). I therefore recently bought a copy of the paperback edition, entirely so I could actually read it - thus owning two copies before I even knew whether I liked it.

Suffice to say, I loved it, and with a slightly unhinged passion. It became one of those books I was unwilling to put down, while at the same time not wanting to finish it because then it would be over. I now discover it's the first part of a trilogy, which, because it's taken me so long to read the first one, is now complete. I'm in heaven. (This also answers the question of the slightly abrupt-feeling ending.)

It's not unflawed - the majority of the book is split into three different narratives by the main characters, which is mostly very satisfying as they come together but when they overlap you end up sitting through the same events three times from slightly different viewpoints - and the latter part especially seems to involve a lot of aimless running up and down corridors. (There is a LOT of running in this book, so much so that one of the protagonists actually complains about it at one point.)

The plot is ridiculously convoluted, there are far too many characters to keep proper track of, and our three heroes spend most of the book trying to work out exactly what the hell is going on - but despite all that, it was one of those books that just feels *right*. I fell instantly and enduringly in love with Doctor Svenson, Cardinal Chang and Celeste Temple, and next time I need to defeat a sinister cabal of alchemical and political deviants, I'll know exactly who to call.

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AngelmakerAngelmaker by Nick Harkaway

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mysterious clockwork apocalypse machines, mechanical bees, female secret agents, gangsters and shady government departments - this should have been everything I look for in a book, but having ploughed through all 566 pages of it, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it.

I originally almost gave up by page 12, having discovered (a) that it was written in the present tense, which is immensely irritating, and (b) the main protagonist starts off by trying to kill a cat. Not the best of starts. But having paid Actual Money for it, I determined to read the rest.

And by and large, it was worth it: it's gripping, inventive, exciting, funny and has some great characters. It's also very nasty (descriptions of human and animal torture), meandering, occasionally confusing (there's a lot of timeshifting between narrative streams), and the main protagonist for the most part comes across as a dull lump of placeholder bemoaning his lot. Not to mention that after an immense amount of build up across decades and continents the ending also feels rather rushed and unsatisfying.

On the whole then, I'm glad I persevered, but it's not a book I can see myself re-reading, or that makes me want to search out the rest of his work.

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Reading meme nicked from [ profile] waitingtohappen

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Anyone read The Nightwatch? (As in, Sarah Waters, not Terry Pratchett). Any good? No, wrong question, I know it'll be good, I suppose I'm just wondering whether I'll enjoy it. I've owned it ever since it came out, but despite picking it up a couple of times the first few pages have thus far never grabbed me enough to keep reading. And now they've gone and dramatised it, and I sort of feel I should read it first. I dunno, it just sounds a bit - depressing? (Basically just tell me if it has a happy ending, yes?). I like her others, if that helps.

Torchwood on Thursday! Didn't realise it was ten parts, thought it would just be a couple. Surely that's enough episodes to kill off Rhys this time? Pleeeease? /unpopularopinions

Someone in the book I'm reading was just described as having a 'crisis'. I had a real WTF moment before I remembered that it was a term Jeremy had lifted from literature in the first place (Lady Chatterly, wasn't it?). Still, I boggled, haha.
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I don't think I've ever hurled a book across the room in disgust at the ending before, but you, The Hunger Games, have made me do it.

Admittedly, pretty much all the way through I couldn't decide if I actually liked it or not. It's very compellingly written, which is what made me keep reading, but most (practically all) of the characters need a bloody good slap and I never really felt I was enjoying it. Certainly not like The Mortal Instruments books, where I wanted to take up permanent residence in that universe and couldn't wait to read the rest. Really don't know if I can be arsed to read the rest of the trilogy here. Meh.

Anybody read the rest? Are they worth sticking with?
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Asdfghjkl I've just finished City of Fallen Angels (the fourth Mortal Instruments book) and the next one isn't out until May next year. Arghghghghhhhhhhhhhhh. Damn cliffhangers. Worse yet, the final one won't be out until December 2013. *chews fingers*

I may have become slightly obsessed with these books. Oh well, at least I've got the first book of the prequel series on order. And then I'll only have to wait till December *this* year for the next one of them...and there's going to be a film. If they ever cast the damn thing.

*goes looking for fic*

ETA: I appear to have just spent the last Three Hours looking at Mortal Instruments fansites. *blinks at clock* Oops.


Apr. 2nd, 2011 09:59 am
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So I have in my sweaty little hands Scorpia Rising, the latest Alex Rider book.

Here, have some Alex Pettyfer gifs to celebrate. )

PS: I may not come back until I've finished it, see you on the flipside.
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Arse, I thought the Zen book I bought yesterday was the one they were showing next week, but it turns out to be tonight's. (Dear BBC, whyfore showing first book last?)

Still, I can read the whole thing by tonight, right? Even if I don't have the afternoon because my mum will be here? Yeah, piece of cake...


Jul. 31st, 2010 09:54 am
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I was convinced I owned all the Sherlock Holmes books. But then, I was convinced I knew where they were too. Went to the shelf, stretched out my hand - and they weren't there. Stout, yes, Sayers, yes, Doyle, nowhere to be seen. Clearly, at some point, they'd been relegated (oh the shame). Some people re-decorate, me I rearrange books.

So I've just pulled my bedroom to bits (I need more bookcases, because in some places the books are three rows deep. Except there isn't room in the house for any more bookcases, which is a bit of a problem) and finally came up with them.

Only to discover that the one I wanted (Study In Scarlet) I apparently don't have. Pointlessly, a couple I have two copies of. But no Study. Or Sign of Four, for that matter.

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I appear not to have posted in a week. Oops. BGT semis and [ profile] uk_lolitics appears to have eaten all my time.

Am currently reading "Dr. No". Unfeasibly amused that Bond!girl is called Honeychile Rider. Keep imagining Alex in drag.

It's the first one I've read, and so far I'm rather liking book!Bond (if that doesn't sound too much like a teabag). Oddly it also makes me appreciate Charlie Higson's Young Bond books even more than I did (which was quite a lot) because I can really see the boy of those books growing into the man here. Plus, Higson's deadly tropical assault course was more inventive and exciting than the one in this... *coughs* [/heresy]. Makes me want to read them all again, which is annoying because the first one's the only one I haven't got. *eyes eBay speculatively*
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...Day Of The Triffids. Swear to God, that's the line I just opened the book at. It's a curse, I tell you. *dies*

Was I the only one that wanted looting!Eddie Izzard to break the shop window and steal a dress? Really? Oh, please yourselves...

My main hope for part two is that Dougray Scott will find a second expression. Too much to ask? You may well think so.
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[ profile] rhosyndu - the third Investigator was Bob Andrews. Is that what I said? All I can remember is you laughing at whatever I suggested...

Anyway, on another note, random googling of other teenage-years-books leads me to the discovery of the title "Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel" which trumps anything Biggles can offer, I fancy. Oooh, or "Tom Swift and His Great Oil Gusher". *sporfles*

...OMG, Franklin W Dixon doesn't actually exist. I'm going to stop now before I discover anything else upsetting. Or before I succumb to the temptation of looking for Hardy Boys slash. Or Hal/Roger incest slash. Or... Oh bloody hell I had to look up Nancy Drew didn't I? Carolyn Keene doesn't exist either. Is nothing from my childhood real?

....Frances K. Judd (Kay Tracey books, which I'd forgotten about until I saw the link) apparently isn't real either. I feel sullied and unusual. And not in a good way.

(Incidentally, this is apparently post number 1,001. Why yes, this would have been more relevant had I noticed while posting the last one. Ho hum.)
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Sunshine! *bounces*. 'Twas supposed to be grim today I think, but it's lovely. Have just been into town, where I had a good nose through the charity shops and bookshops (haul: Neil Gaiman - M Is For Magic. Sadly no Biggles, bah), bought some stuff in Tragos (despite vowing never to darken their doors again when they ripped me off last time. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cheap stationery) and was amused by the car that drove past containing four blokes dressed as bananas. And I'm talking full-body banana suits here. WTF?

Hmmn, now I could do some housework, or I could open a bottle of wine. Whaddaya reckon?
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Right. If, say, I was going to read Biggles, what would be a good one to start with?
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I am of the opinion that no matter how bad your mood, seeing a book in a shop window entitled "Biggles Takes It Rough" will improve your day immeasuably (he was even on all fours on the cover. I kid you not). *glee*

See? :D

In other news, fucking Tragos have just stiffed me out of £5. I bought some stuff that should have come to about £6, handed over the money and then realised he'd just said something like £19! So I spluttered a bit, whereupon rather than just re-doing my six items he made me go and see the refund man, who scratched his head, looked at my items, said "I can't work this out," went back to the till, got a load of receipts, scratched his head a bit more, made me fill in a fucking form with my name and address, then what felt like hours later gave me some cash. Which, having got home and worked it out, was about £5 not enough. Fuckers.


...I was so thrown by the whole evil shopping experience I was forced - forced I tell you - to go into the pub and have a pint.


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