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Day off? Check.
Coffee? Check.
Muffin? Check.
Beautiful sunny day outside? *closes curtains and opens epic fantasy WIP on laptop*

Also, I'm guessing water pissing out of the bottom of my filter coffee percolator near the cable isn't a good thing? Farewell faithful friend, you have served me well through many years of caffeine fuelled filth.
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Pale Rider musings )

In other writing news, while sorting out crap in my room I found a copy of The Egyptian Affair I'd printed out ages ago - and I'd completely forgotten I'd written Ardeth into it at the end. He's not named, but it's meant to be him. *sporfles*

My mum's birthday tomorrow, so we spent this afternoon having tea and cakes and strawberries and cream. Om nom nom.

My buns, let me show you them )

Finally - OMG Top Gear! I know for about the last three series' we've all been 'it can't possibly get any gayer', but this one really seems to be the one where they're acknowledging the slash *howls with laughter*
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I may possibly have a teeny tiny hangover. Oww.

On the plus side, I also have a fuck-off great bit of chocolate cake. Om nom nom., I think that's as coherent as it's gonna get today...
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...I was going to do the current meme, but I can't think of particularly interesting answers to most of them, so I shall spare you the tedium, LOL.

Anyway. Back to work today, to discover that (a) my line manager is changing (from the Office Manager to, er 'The' Manager. Gawd 'elp us.), (b) I shall be working for 2 project managers after the new year instead of just one, and (c) this will mean moving offices. Er, next door (ie back into the one I moved out of this time last year, only now with different occupants).

On the plus side, we had the re-opening ceremony for the maternity wing refurb we've been working on this morning, which meant the local MP doing the ribbon cutting thing, and, more importantly, free cake. And then the lunchtime special was a HUGE yorkshire pudding with sausages, mash and onion gravy. I can haz nap naow?

Om nom nom

Oct. 16th, 2008 09:15 am
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Mmmmn...doughnuts...breakfast of kings...
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Cake status: 2 fruit scones with butter OM NOM NOM
Coffee status: 2nd cafetiere of the day. Or possibly the 3rd. It's bad that I've lost count already, yes?
Work status: The Manager has the day off, so I might be in with a chance of catching up on the mounds of stuff covering my desk. Probably not though.
Weather status: Driving drizzle. IT'S JULY FFS. We can haz global warming naow?

In other news, I'm quite liking Lab Rats. It seems bizarrely old fashioned in a way, but that's not a bad thing. And I've always majorly loved Selina Cadell. Anyone else watching it?

Oh, and huge Ed/Dara love for last night's Mock The Week. Although I seem to have lost my Ed icon, dammit. Also, Hugh's unexpeced!banana made me crack up. There should be more random fruit on panel shows...
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Phew. Knackered. Me mum's birthday today, so I not only baked a cake this morning, I also cooked a roast chicken lunch with all the trimmings. I iz domestic goddess, yo.

As an added bonus, chicken sandwiches for supper means not having to rush round and cook/eat something before Top Gear starts...
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I haz an upgrade, yayz! Bumped up a banding and a scale point to the next pay level for this secondment. (Which is something like £600 over a year, and I'll only be getting it for 3 months, and there'll be tax out of that, so it's probably only actually enough for an extra pizza or something, but still, yayz!)

Cake update: we just finished off the homemade alcohol-soaked fruitcake that m'colleague had been given, and a couple of minutes later the girl from up t' corridor came in with some 'experimental' cake she'd made for us to try (lemon cake with dark chocolate chunks).

Today is turning out rather better than I'd expected (given that it started with me falling asleep again after my alarm went off and having an insane rush to catch the train).

And tomorrow - free beer at festival sponsors' event! *even bigger yayz*
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I've just received an email about VAT reclamation for various things, which includes the line "Supplies of mortuary services to non-NHS bodies." This may have made me laugh quite a lot.

ETA: I have just received another email containing the most magnificent example of management-speak bullshit I have ever, ever seen: "Using the 'tick-box' simile to the full, I attach a draft mind-map to summarise all the issues mentioned to date." I mean - WTF?


In other news, upon inspection, I discover I have just managed to get chocolate cake and icing on my top, my trousers, my chair, and my face.

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Today's cake, because I know you're interested, is - apricot.

And today's question - Saxondale/Raymond, Y/N?
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Aaaand today's flavour is - coffee.

Note to self: it is not considered polite behaviour to stick your tongue into the cake icing halfway up the stairs because your hands are full and you can't wait to get back to your office...
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So last Friday was our works Christmas 'do', and I'm wondering if drinking for 14 hours straight was terribly sensible...although it did have the effect of heightening the impression that my boss is somehow channelling Jeremy Clarkson. He reminds me of him even when I'm sober, so after *that* much alcohol it was getting quite surreal. (sneaking suspicion I may have drunkenly pointed this out to him, but kinda hoping he won't remember...)

in less blurry news - I've just made my Christmas cake, and it's now happily doing its magic in the oven, yay!


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