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Things I have discovered this morning, not only is Sean Pertwee going to be in an episode of The Musketeers, but he's playing Lestrade in Elementary?! Why does nobody tell me these things...


Now that would be epic casting. Sean Pertwee and Luke Pasqualino as the companions to Capaldi's Doctor...wouldn't mind a camera in *that* tardis...

ETA: AU where the Doctor travels with D'Artagnan and either Sheriff Hugh Beringar from Cadfael, or whoever he was in Dog Soldiers?
ETA2: How have I never realised Sean's character in Dog Soldiers was called Harry G Wells? HG Wells? OMG.
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So it turns out the feeling of impending collapse at work wasn't just me being hungry and over-worked, but actually ill, and I've been off sick for the last two days with the shivery aches. Lovely. At least the cats appreciate me being in bed.

Anyway, random link time - Mark Gatiss just retweeted this: On 1970s Twitter, Doctor Who fans react to rumours of the 10th anniversary If I'm honest, the thing that made me laugh most was the 'Who to follow' section...

Oh, and a fic rec - Plausible Deniability - a crossover between Good Omens and Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series.
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...that'd be Turlough then? *sniggers, ducks*

Seriously though, dear Telegraph, what is the motherloving point of doing a 'top ten best Doctors' feature when there's only eleven of them in the first place? A whole feature apparently dedicated to the fact you want to snub Colin Baker? Bizarre.
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...Damian Lewis for Twelve?

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I just turned on the TV to be confronted with Peri's epic breasts.

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...I just watched all of Doctor Who convinced that was Miranda Richardson. I fail at actress recognition so badly.

In other news, the lunch went well, thanks. Turkey, potatoes, sprouts, parsnips, bread sauce, sausagemeat stuffing, gravy, yorkshire puds, broccoli, sausages, carrots, onions, chesnuts. All ready at the same time and all of it edible. *wins* *collapses with exhaustion*

Huge thank you to [ profile] thinkpink20 for the TG calendar and [ profile] sacred_sarcasm for the lovely notebook! Amongst my other haul I also got The Big Book Of Top Gear from m'colleague C. (plus a bottle of gin and a huge box of malteasers - she knows me so well LOL), a Stig keyring, and the second series of Oz n James on dvd. And enough chocolate to open a chocolate shop. (Serioulsy. The biggest box of chocolates you have ever seen from The Manager.)

Right, next up: Wallace and Gromit. Hope everyone's having a lovely day.
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The Stolen Earth )

Plz to not be spoiling me for next week in the comments, ta. You won't like me when I'm angry.
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spoilery for The Doctor's daughter, and, technically, the Sarah Jane Adventures )

In other news, I'm actually wearing a dress today. Significant numbers of staff have collapsed in shock...

PS/ Not doing the seven things meme, as I can't actually think of seven things in each category. I fail at procrastination.
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Because what LJ needs is one more round-up. Yes.

Spoilercut )

(*OK, what exactly happened here? Two weeks ago I barely knew who John Simm was, and now 2 ep's of Dr Who and one of Life on Mars and - I think we can see where this is going...)


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