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I have here a catalogue called Essentials By Post. It appears to be stocked entirely with products that sound like they've just been rejected on Dragons' Den.

Stuff Buckets?
Dog Rocks?
Silicone Nipple Covers?
101 Things To Do In A Shed?

Oh dear God, there's a toolkit with a floral design on all the tools for the "practical modern woman". *retches*

ETA: Ahahahah page 13 - the Waterbuoy - "As seen on Dragons' Den". I kid you not. I'm happy now *sporfles*
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Tonight's TV dilemma - do I watch Harry & Paul with its "island populated entirely by Jeremy Clarksons", or American Inventor on freeview, which is the US version of Dragons' Den, and has Peter on it. And features an "instant nakedness device".

...I've pretty much answered my own question there, haven't I.
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Staff newsletter: International Gynae Awareness Day - "there will be a range of taster sessions". Err.....

In other news: Dragon criticises Apprentice *sniggers*

If all goes to plan, should be going to see The Mummy 3 tonight, yay! Although after today at work all I really want to do is sit in a dark corner with a bottle of wine. But I'm sure I'll perk up once I'm there...

ETA: Peter Jones wants to duet with Tom Jones. Ahahahahah. *scared*
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Dear subconscious: Dreams involving unexpected!Peter Jones? More plz. Thks.

Here, have a gratuitous picture of Peter and Hamfatter, in which Peter fails to look as cool as he probably thinks he does, but nevertheless still somehow looks damn sexy.

Also, I've just realised something. Duncan Bannatyne is a Nac Mac Feegle.

Dear people of the interwebs: posting casting spoilers under a cut is admirable, however in most cases your tagging (I'm assuming) is instantly defeating the object. Kthksbai.

Ooh, and did anyone else notice the lunar eclipse last night? Looked outside at about 11:30, and there was a chunk missing from the bottom. Space wolves, I thought. Bound to be.
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So, this morning I get soaked walking to work in fairly insane levels of rain (it even got inside my coat. The whole front of my top was soaked. Everybody else found this very amusing). Then I get soaked *again* on site (contractor - "do you want to borrow a hard hat to keep the rain off?" Me - "no thanks I can't actually get any wetter at this point."). Finally make it home this evening, warm and dry and toasty - and promptly spill a cup of tea over my leg. *headdesk*. Also, ow.

Oh, and! An almost claim to fame by very tenuous association - the daughter of a friend at work, works for the branch in question of these solicitors...
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Which Dragon would you tolerate sharing a desert island with?
"Oh my word – that is a very tough question. Well, if you choose one of the girls – then that raises all types questions but then if you choose one of the boys, that raises all sorts of questions too."

Thanks Theo, that clears it up nicely. *sporfles*
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So I wrote another Dragons' Den fic. But you're gonna have to join [ profile] the_slash_den to read it, bwah hah hah.

In other news, have some Top Gear pix I dont think I've seen before.

click for the pretty )


Aug. 1st, 2008 07:59 pm
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So, following - well, pretty much no coercion at all really - I've made [ profile] the_slash_den - a comm for Dragons' Den slashfic.

Go forth, pimp it, join it, and above all write things for it. Plz?
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Now, I *loved* this advert when I first saw it. I mean, I love gremlins. But what just made me die of squee?
Was realising exactly who it is...

Slow on the uptake? Moi?
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Peter Jones: “It’s become quite tactical, like a game of poker. For example, when Theo plays with his money you know he’s thinking about putting it in.”

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So I've just been nosing on the BBC Dragons' Den page, and one of the links is: "Peter's Video Diary - Theo has a special gift for Peter, but what will he make of it?" *sporfles*. Sounds like the summary to a bad!fic... and I can't watch it till I get home, bah.

Also, found an interview with Theo, in which he talks about Peter an awful lot and the others not at all including:

Do you think Peter Jones is trying to be the Simon Cowell of the panel?
He's a media love. He's by far the campest entrepreneur, but I love him dearly.
What is the most ridiculous idea you have been presented with?
It was last night when Peter Jones insisted I pay the bill at an Indian restaurant in Gerrard's Cross, when I'd driven down there to meet him. I thought that was absolutely appalling.

ETA: Okay, this is an absolutely terrifying picture.

And Enter The Dragon sooo needs to be a fic title...


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