Aug. 26th, 2014 09:11 pm
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So I watched Cleanskin last night. Not entirely sure how they managed to make a film about terrorists and government assassins feel incredibly dull, but hey, Tom was good. Dodgy haircut nothwithstanding...

Anyway, so screencaps happened. (I've posted most of these on tumblr but this is easier to find again)

nothing really spoilery, just 34 pix of Tom's face haha )

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Man in cinema: "Where do you want to sit, front, middle, or back?"
Me: "Uhh - middle?"
Man: "Ok, there's a seat number on here, but it looks like you won't have a problem if you want to move."
Me: "Oh God, it's not just me is it?"
Man: "Erm...."

And that, boys and girls, is the story of how I basically had a private screening of This Is Us hahaha. At least my plan of going to a later screening to avoid screaming girl-children worked I guess? :D

It was kind've embarrassing. Especially when it finished and I was the only person walking out the the cinema at half eleven, and the cute guy at the bar called "Thaaanks!" across the room and made me acknowledge the fact I was there at all ahahaohgodkillmenow.

But it was totally worth it. I was grinning like a mad thing all the way through. It's an utter fluff-piece, but who cares, they're adorable and I loved it.
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Oh thank fuck, Tom Cruise is no longer going to be playing Napoleon Solo in the new Man From Uncle movie. I mean, I have nothing against him, but Napoleon he ain't.

Instead, apparently, it's going to be Henry Cavill. I can cope with that.

Armie Hammer (who?) is playing Illya. At first glance he looks slightly too much like McGee from NCIS, but I shall reserve judgement...
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Not normally a fan of het fic, but I saw the Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland for the first time the other night, and may have become a little bit obsessed with reading Alice/Hatter. (Although I can't get my head around the fact he's called Tarrant because that makes me think of Steven Pacey which is just not right at all. Although I suppose you could argue a similarity in mad hair-ness).
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that rather silly films get better in proportion to the amount of alcohol consumed. Consequently, I spent the first half of In Time thinking it was quite tedious and the second half going "wheee!" and I don't think this necessarily has any bearing on the improvement of the film.

There is a lot that is ridiculous about it, and it frequently had me shouting at the telly ("why didn't you get the bus half way, you tit?"), and also the influence of The Matrix has a lot to answer for. Green scrolly numbers? Long leather coats? An abundance of sunglasses? Does The Future *have* to look like that? Having said that, I did love the look of it, and there were just enough future-y stylistic bits without going over the top.

Philosophically it raised a lot of interesting questions (that it promptly ignored because hey, American blockbuster) and linguistically it had immense fun with the time-as-currency concept (even if the entire explanation for how things had got this way was dismissed in a one-liner at the start, which was essentially "meh, genetics").

Justin Timberlake was - passable? You got the impression pretty much anyone could have taken that role and done a better job, but he was okay (mostly I spent the film hoping he'd finally get rich enough to have a shave). Amanda Seyfried was fabulous, up to and including leaping out of a first floor window and running off in high heels. Cillian Murphy was good as the honest-but-law-bound cop (although did he have to spend the entire film chewing with his mouth open?).

And Alex. Oh, Alex. Can you please decline all future all-American hero starring roles and just spend your time playing English psychopaths? Because, yes. Please. Thank you.

...he's not actually in it all that much. Maybe five or six scenes? But Fortis is certainly one of the more interesting characters in the film. Shame we get less of his nasty wit and more of Timberlake's boring do-goodery, but there you go. I was always going to be rooting for him, wasn't I.
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I have not seen the latest X-Men movie, but judging by the way 90% of my flist is spazzing over it, I suspect this picture may be relevant to some of your interests?
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So last night I was forced invited to go and see Mamma Mia with some friends from work. Bloody hell, Meryl Streep can sing, can't she! Pierce Brosnan can't though, hehehe. Still, Pierce in a wet shirt makes up for this, I feel.

Now, I'm not sure I've ever seen Colin Firth in anything before, but does he remind anyone else of Piers Morgan? I mean, really. All the way through I kept thinking of it as Piers LOL. And I'd forgotten Christine Baranski was in it, I love her to pieces. So yes, it was very entertaining. And then we went and drank lots of wine and had posh nibbly bits to eat. Rah!
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Staff newsletter: International Gynae Awareness Day - "there will be a range of taster sessions". Err.....

In other news: Dragon criticises Apprentice *sniggers*

If all goes to plan, should be going to see The Mummy 3 tonight, yay! Although after today at work all I really want to do is sit in a dark corner with a bottle of wine. But I'm sure I'll perk up once I'm there...

ETA: Peter Jones wants to duet with Tom Jones. Ahahahahah. *scared*
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Finally seen Casino Royale. Hmmn. Really, really don't like DC as Bond. Bond should be witty, and charming, and suave, and he's just a bat-eared ape in a suit. The film itself wasn't too bad, I just didn't like or give a monkey's about him. Thank gawd for M. Also, the martini equivalent of "hey, *I'd* love a Babycham!" in the casino made me crack up. And when picking passwords, shouldn't you pick something not blindingly obvious?

This post was brought to you by the school of 'it's never too late to express an opinion'.
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Only slightly later than the rest of the country, I've just been to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. And it feckin' ROCKS!
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I've just seen Hot Fuzz!


It's feckin'tastic.
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It's always gratifying when something you think's going to be a bit crap turns out to be really rather good. Not since Fight Club have I unexpectedly enjoyed a film as much as Stormbreaker. Although I suspect it may have been mainly for the wrong reasons...
he'll do anything you want for the next six hours )


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