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Sep. 16th, 2013 01:48 pm
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So if anyone wants to know what I've been up to for the last week, here's the traditional 'what I did on my holidays' post, (in which I largely fail to get through a single paragraph without at least one set of brackets), complete with photos if you can't be arsed to read it all. (Short version, I went to Norfolk with [ profile] aquiel9 and we looked at lots of ruins and drank a lot).

Long version )
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So my main achievement this evening has been to make a pasta sauce so unutterably vile I was forced to throw it away :(

My grocery delivery arrived in the middle of cooking it, and I think I must have burnt the garlic, I don't know why else it would have turned out so disgusting.

I have been forced to open a tin of tuna instead, and then fight two cats for possession.


Jan. 3rd, 2013 06:41 pm
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I have just taken delivery of my first Graze box. All the twee wording (think Lush, Innocent, etc) making it feel uncomfortably like a lifestyle choice, rather than a snack option.


Jan. 3rd, 2013 06:41 pm
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I have just taken delivery of my first Graze box. All the twee wording (think Lush, Innocent, etc) making it feel uncomfortably like a lifestyle choice, rather than a snack option.
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Am posting this primarily for the amusement of [ profile] bellap74. You see, I'd never had a chicken kiev before. I rather assumed the centre would be a sort of creamy sauce thing. Not the tidal wave of melted garlic butter that just, yes, engulfed my bedspread. That'll teach me to eat at the table like a civilised human being...

*goes off grumbling to stuff it back in the washing machine*
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Today I have:
- Done two lots of washing to hang out in the lovely weather. Having just hung up the second load, the washing line snapped, meaning I have probably scandalised the old lady in her garden next door by crying "fuck!". Anyway, I tied the end round a tree and it seems to be fine...

- Planted some seeds. I ordered them from a website called Secret Seeds, which amused me for all manner of childish reasons. Anyway, basil, chives, parsely, borage, poppies and mallow. Assuming the cat doesn't scat them all off the windowsills, should be a good crop.

- Cut my hair up round my ears. Well, yes, all of it, not *just* the hair round my ears - you get the picture.

- Had boiled eggs with toast soldiers, then duck pate and cucumber on a toasted bagel, and then a glass of wine in the sun, sitting on a lawn threaded with violets. There are advantages to not getting round to mowing the thing.

- Cleaned the bathroom, done the washing up, and done an arse-load of ironing.

- Got the River Cottage soundtrack CD in the post. Discovered its existence having googled Mad & Distracted who do the theme music and so on. Decided it was too pricy on Play, looked on eBay and found a copy for £2 on a listing that was ending in 60 seconds time. It also contains one of the maddest songs I've heard for a while...
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A bad time to discover you've got a cut on your finger: squeezing a lemon while making drizzle cake.
A bad time to remember you've got a cut on your finger: chopping a chilli while making dinner.

Still, that was yesterday. Yeah, today was worse, LOL. Well, okay, not so bad, but it involved going to the dentist (I actually made it this week, *sporfles*) and then going in to work. At least I got to bunk off half an hour early.

So now I'm sat here with said lemon drizzle cake and a cup of tea, and have just got out of having to go out this evening on the grounds of lurgey!recovery. Which is good, because it's pissing it down out there. Ooh, and I got a new book in the post, The Good, The Bad and the Uncanny.

Anyway, how are you buggers?
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Someone's just put a flyer through the door entitled "Chips Away". I was genuinely disappointed to discover upon closer inspection that it was advertising a car bodywork firm, and not a fish n chip delivery service. I need to get a life...

In other news, today's canteen menu special was "Baguette filled with hot meat." Is it just me that thinks that's worryingly unspecific? *g*
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Thank fuck it's Friday! *flops*

Still, have had eclairs and strawberries, picked up a copy of Jeremy's latest for £3.99 in Sainsbury's and got home to find another Biggles had arrived in the post, hurrah!

And tomorrow it's Eurovision. Easily pleased, me.

Oh, and on the way home was passed on the road by a tank LOL. Not something you see every day. Not round here, anyway!
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Just had spaghetti bolognese for lunch. Figured I'd better check I didn't have it plastered round my mouth afterwards - only to discover that while my mouth was clean, I did have some on my forehead.

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Happy Easter! Errr, think of me as really early for next year, yes?

Glorious weather yesterday, cooked roast lamb for my mum and gran and then we all sat in the garden with the rest of the wine. I may have marginally sunburt my chest. Oops.

Saturday was mostly spent reading Biggles and also The Palace of Varieties. Plus! Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Britain's Got Talent on telly. Shut up, I never said I had deep and meaningful taste.

And I have shed-loads of chocolate. I don't especially like Easter eggs as such, so I tend to get given boxes of chocolates, and creme eggs, and mini-creme eggs (and, er, a bottle of gin. Thanks Gran! *g*).

Today sadly it's pissing it down. But hey, four days off work, I'm not complaining. And it's only a three-day week, because I'm off to see [ profile] thinkpink20 on Friday. Woo!

*scoffs cherry liqueurs*
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And today for lunch I appear to have possibly the most minging the world.

Seriously, fail canteen, FAIL.

It's got so much cheap chilli powder in it it's actually gritty. And has virtually no moisture at all. And, just, eww.

Thank heavens I bought a packet of Malteasers as well...

ETA: Urgh! Clearly, today is truly cursed. Whoever washed up my mug earlier* didn't rinse it, and my first mouthful of tea just now was in fact largely washing up liquid.

Still, on the plus side I can't taste the chilli any more...

* Yes yes, I know I should have done it myself and it serves me right.

ETA2: Ahahahah well hopefully that's the third thing. Just opened my malteasers slightly too forcefully and the packet split right open resulting in a malteaser shower! *headdesk*
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I have had an epiphany. Domino's opened up a store in town not long ago, and it occurred to me on the way home tonight that this means I can order online with none of that nasty telephoning business.

Major. Fucking. Win.

Albeit bad news for my waistline *sporfles*

Amusingly, their phone number is almost identical to the existing pizza shop, just round the corner from them (313131 vs 311313). Also, they stuck some vouchers through the door the other day, and on the back of some of them it says: "More than one buy one get one free coupons can be used at the same time" - just below the bit on the same voucher that says "Only one coupon per order." *headdesk*

ETA: Fuck me - it's here already! Less than 15 minutes! You had to wait up to an hour for the other place! OM NOM NOM
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...I was going to do the current meme, but I can't think of particularly interesting answers to most of them, so I shall spare you the tedium, LOL.

Anyway. Back to work today, to discover that (a) my line manager is changing (from the Office Manager to, er 'The' Manager. Gawd 'elp us.), (b) I shall be working for 2 project managers after the new year instead of just one, and (c) this will mean moving offices. Er, next door (ie back into the one I moved out of this time last year, only now with different occupants).

On the plus side, we had the re-opening ceremony for the maternity wing refurb we've been working on this morning, which meant the local MP doing the ribbon cutting thing, and, more importantly, free cake. And then the lunchtime special was a HUGE yorkshire pudding with sausages, mash and onion gravy. I can haz nap naow?
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Normally on a Friday after work, I would be subjected to the full weekly shop. However, as I am home alone for the second night on the trot, my shopping in Sainsbury's just comprised:
- 1 bottle white wine
- 1 pepperoni pizza
- Pack of 4 pork pies
- Pack of 4 chocolate eclairs
- Tub of coleslaw
- Radio Times

*happy sigh*
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Note to self: do not arrange to meet contractors outside if it is weeing it down with rain and there is a remote chance they will be 15 minutes late *fails, damply*

Canteen fail #1: Woman in front of me asks for broccolli and potato bake, gets broccolli and potato bake, then espies arrival of tray of scampi and decides she wants that instead, forcing poor confused server to abandon the original plate. (Is it me? I just wouldn't do that.)

Canteen fail #2: I get to the till, and the man in front of me is jigging about antsily trying to see into the screened off area where there are workmen. "Are they painting?" he demands. Woman on till shugs with consumate lack of interest. He sniffs, vigorously. "They are. It's no good. I'll have to leave it. I'm allergic to the toxins." And marches off angrily, abandoning his tray next to the till. *headdesk* (Woman on till looks at me in disgust and mutters "I'm allergic too. It gives me a migraine. But I'm stuck here aren't I." I smile apologetically and scurry off).
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Phew. Knackered. Me mum's birthday today, so I not only baked a cake this morning, I also cooked a roast chicken lunch with all the trimmings. I iz domestic goddess, yo.

As an added bonus, chicken sandwiches for supper means not having to rush round and cook/eat something before Top Gear starts...


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