Oh cock.

Jul. 16th, 2009 05:56 pm
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The handle has just come off my favourite mug. I've had it for - twelve maybe? - years, and it was made 'specially for me and has my name on, and a cat, and everything.


Also, going back to work tomorrow.

*sulks more*
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So you will no doubt be familiar with the ongoing saga of boiler!fail?

They had, allegedly, fixed it last week. There was actual heating, people! After three months!

Tonight, get home to strange TCP-like smell pervading the downstairs. Think it smells vaguely over-heaty-mechanical, but can't work out what it is.

Just did. Boiler dead. As a dodo (and not, as I just typed, as a dado. Although I suppose it is in fact now nothing more than a pointless architectural feature so dado would do too. Try saying that when you're drunk...)

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Bad things:
- Appear to be developing cold. Bah. *sneezes miserably*
- Four days left to self-imposed deadline and still no closer to actually plucking up courage. Refusal of it to lose temper in face of severe provocation is not assisting matters. /cryptic

Good things:
- Wine, pringles, dip.
- Unexpected!Ben Shephard on BGMT. Albeit for about ten seconds. Still, it's making me want to write something, which is more than I've been able to for about a month so this is still a good thing. Although as what I will likely write is Piers/Stephen some of you may wish to class this under bad things *sniggers*
- Piers' new book, which I sat down yesterday afternoon to read a couple of pages of, then looked up to discover it was evening and I'd read half of it. The post title incidentally, is him talking about Jeremy...
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So, this morning there was no train, as it had broken down. So I had to (a) pay an extra £4.50 to get in by bus, and (b) be late for work. And now I've just broken my cafetiere while washing it up. Wonder what the third thing'll be...

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So I think we were up to three lots of engineers having come out, having been promised it was fixed and blatantly not being (it's either three weeks or a whole month now, I've lost track)?

Anyway, yesterday The Husband got a phone call at 4.20 saying 'oh, we're coming round in a few minutes'. Which was helpful, as he was at work at the time. So he dispatched parents in haste (or possibly a Rover) and when we got home at 6 they said there'd been no sign. He finally appeared at 7pm. Fitted a new circuit board, promised it was fixed, and went.

It wasn't.

He came back. At 9pm.

He left again at 10.30pm, confessing self stumped as to cause, declaring various bits in there don't appear to do anything at all, and that it appears to be missing a vital bit common to most other boilers, only there doesn't seem to be a place for it (it's not especially old or anything). So he's going to speak to the other engineers on Monday, at which point the whole sorry saga will presumably start all over again. *headdesk*
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Shiny Things:
- Daffodils and purple tulips in a vase
- Lush shampoo and conditioner in the post
- Sainsbury's mini blackcurrant cheesecakes
- John Sessions on QI

Not so shiny things:
- Still no fucking heating after two weeks. *sporks gas people, shivers*

I may have to go and sit in a pub just to keep warm. And save my electrickery bill. What do you mean I'll spend more on beer?


Feb. 27th, 2009 07:32 pm
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- Central heating boiler : still fucked, as he has to order a part, so no heating other than one electric bar heater.
- Kitchen : Showing evidence of Mother In Law tampering. (I know it's logically idiotic to get annoyed at the fact she's been cleaning my cooker but I already did it last night so she fucking wouldn't. But obviously not enough. Fuck off out my kitchen.)
- Female biology : yuck. Also, ow.
- Interwebs : apparently today comprised entirely of compliment memes. I'll get back to you when I'm not in a foul mood eh.

This post brought to you by the Grumpy Fairy of Arse.

ETA: Why the fuck is my GQ Jeremy icon showing up as a fucking manga thing? *changes icon*
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Tooth Sitrep: Took me half an hour to get through to the dentist this morning, only to be told I couldn't have an emergency appointment until tomorrow morning. *headdesk*

Ow. Also, owwww. *petulant face is petulant*

On the plus side, this means I don't have to get up till 8am for the second day on the trot - h'rah!

Oh - fuck.

Feb. 15th, 2009 05:23 pm
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So, I've just broken my tooth. On a biscuit, for fuck's sake. A bloody great chunk just fell out the side of one of the back ones. It doesn't hurt, but it's left a horribly sharp edge. Bugger.
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I am of the opinion that no matter how bad your mood, seeing a book in a shop window entitled "Biggles Takes It Rough" will improve your day immeasuably (he was even on all fours on the cover. I kid you not). *glee*

See? :D

In other news, fucking Tragos have just stiffed me out of £5. I bought some stuff that should have come to about £6, handed over the money and then realised he'd just said something like £19! So I spluttered a bit, whereupon rather than just re-doing my six items he made me go and see the refund man, who scratched his head, looked at my items, said "I can't work this out," went back to the till, got a load of receipts, scratched his head a bit more, made me fill in a fucking form with my name and address, then what felt like hours later gave me some cash. Which, having got home and worked it out, was about £5 not enough. Fuckers.


...I was so thrown by the whole evil shopping experience I was forced - forced I tell you - to go into the pub and have a pint.
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And today for lunch I appear to have possibly the most minging chilli....in the world.

Seriously, fail canteen, FAIL.

It's got so much cheap chilli powder in it it's actually gritty. And has virtually no moisture at all. And, just, eww.

Thank heavens I bought a packet of Malteasers as well...

ETA: Urgh! Clearly, today is truly cursed. Whoever washed up my mug earlier* didn't rinse it, and my first mouthful of tea just now was in fact largely washing up liquid.

Still, on the plus side I can't taste the chilli any more...

* Yes yes, I know I should have done it myself and it serves me right.

ETA2: Ahahahah well hopefully that's the third thing. Just opened my malteasers slightly too forcefully and the packet split right open resulting in a malteaser shower! *headdesk*
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Arrrgghhhhh it's just taken me three and a half hours to get home from Plymouth!!! Stupid trains. Stupid rail replacement buses that don't exist. In the end because I was cold and fed up and werewolfy and needed a wee and was going to miss Demons I thought "fuck it" and got a taxi from Truro. Ouch.

Soyes, other than that it was a jolly good day, and I shall be back shortly to expand on it. You lucky people.
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...just opened the door to the loo only to almost fall arse over tit because someone had placed a 'wet floor' sign *right* inside the door. Muppets.


Colleague H: *opens advent calendar window* - "...it's a man with a walking stick!"
Colleague C: *looks* *headdesks* "It's one of the Three Kings."
Colleague H: "But he's got a round head!"
Me: (shouting from kitchen) "He's obviously been circumcised then!"

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Dear body, tell you what, could I please have stomach cramps, the start of my period and a migraine all on one day? I can? Yes, I thought so somehow. Bah.

Also, I know I've not got the most feminine frame in the world and my hair was under a hat, but I'm not sure that when I showed my ticket to the guard at the station this evening, the "Thank you sir," I got was was entirely justified *cracks up*
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Dear Colleague, just because you get to f*** off at 4.00 does not mean it is helpful for you to turn off the hot water boiler and photocopier when you go. There are still some poor sods working up here.

On another note - someone's just walked past the door saying - "...I just can't concentrate when it's in my mouth..." *sniggers*
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Dear iTunes, when I download an album, plz not to be duplicating some tracks, missing out others entirely, and allocating the track names on an entirely random basis. Kthksbai.
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I bought a pumpkin yesterday! (Look, little things, okay?) Anyway, the stalk stabbed my thumb full of splinters, then did the same thing to the check-out girl. I was sympathetic at the time, but I've just discovered she charged me twice for a bottle of wine, so bwahahahahah.

I was intending to have a productive morning today, but I went back to sleep, and consequently (a) have only just emerged, and (b) had really weird dreams. Kidnappings, escapes through booby trapped old mansions, henchmen, possibly now I think about it that guy from the Conchords who was on Buzzcocks, and some sort of blonde princess effort, who I was making a pass at. She didn't mind, either :D

Beer festival later. Suppose it would be too much to hope Rory/Dara/Griff are there on their way back wouldn't it.

ETA: Also on the dream front I've just remembered - yesterday at work we were moving the neonatal ward - and I had a mad dream about that, in which the lady in charge had shrunk to the size of Yoda and was wearing Jedi robes, and I was being helped by Julian Rhind Tutt and Stephen Mangan. I worry about my brain, sometimes...

ETA2: Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall - cramming in more and more innuendo each week, Y/Y?


Oct. 7th, 2008 10:07 am
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Dear everybody that's phoned me so far this morning,

When I explain that I've been off sick and therefore am not able to answer your question due to not having caught up yet, do not follow up the 'ooh I'm sorry' with a further list of questions, because, as we have just established, I don't frickin' know!!!!!


Thank you. That'll be all.

Meh. Still feel like cack.
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Oh wonderful. I seem to be developing a cold. At least, I've spent all day with a relentlessly runny nose, clutching a brace of soggy tissues. With, typically, no pockets today, I've had to tuck them into my waistband, and they keep escaping down my trouser leg *headdesk*. And then there's the sore throat, and the sneezing. Oh, and on top of this, incipient werewolfism. Yay.

In better news, I have a fuck-off great pot of Minstrels on my desk and a mug of industrial strength tea.
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For fuck's sake - I've just been ID'd in Tescos


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