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I haven't done one of these write-ups for ages, but here's what I got up to this week on holiday in Herefordshire with [ profile] aquiel9...

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Dear Diary

Sep. 16th, 2013 01:48 pm
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So if anyone wants to know what I've been up to for the last week, here's the traditional 'what I did on my holidays' post, (in which I largely fail to get through a single paragraph without at least one set of brackets), complete with photos if you can't be arsed to read it all. (Short version, I went to Norfolk with [ profile] aquiel9 and we looked at lots of ruins and drank a lot).

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I am on holiday! \o/

I generally like my job (shhh don't tell them) but it's also a stressy pain in the arse and immensely good to run away occasionally.

Although so far I've spent an hour last night typing up and emailing out the notes I didn't have time to do before I left, and today done 3 lots of laundry, an hour and a half of ironing, been into town (and got heavily rained on), done some baking (and mangled my thumb knuckle on the cheese grater), changed the bedding, hoovered the downstairs and tidied. So far, I need a holiday from my holiday.

Anyway, this is by way of saying I'm going away tomorrow for a week, and may or may not have internets (it *says* there's broadband, but you never know).

Right, now what. Oh, yeah, pack, fuck.
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Am away for the weekend, so won't be able to reply to comments/messages/friend requests (seriously, where are you all coming from? *boggles*) from tomorrow till Monday evening at the earliest. Won't have internet but will have notepad, so will work on things while I'm gone (also, 2 x 5 hour train journeys to fill, so, er, yay).

I've turned off comment notifications on the 1D kinkmeme while I'm gone to avoid twelvety million emails when I come back, so if there's anything in particular you think I should see, please link me, haha (that goes for the rest of you too!)
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Right. I'm packed. I think. Mostly. What have I forgotten?

Phone is charging - I managed to drop it on the kitchen floor (ceramic tiles) yesterday, and it flew in three different directions - but it seems to be okay. *crosses things*

Hmmn. Six-ish hours on the train? (possibly six days if it snows, but I've got enough pork pie and packets of quavers to last a month). Anyone want a ficlet? I'm not promising anything, I may just sleep...
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Well, I managed to escape the hangover. I think. (Also, got all my drinks and my meal paid for, by two different men LOL).

Right, off in a bit, hope you all have a good week, see youse on Saturday probably...

*hugs flist*

PS: ozthebobble - I dreamt about Andy last night, I'm blaming you...
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*hugs to all on my flist*

right, I'm off tomorrow morning, see youse in a week.

keep the boys warm for me...
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So, in preparation for going away, and, more to the point, in preparation for mother and mother-in-law to be wandering around the house on cat-feeding-duty, I've been furiously writing fic instead cleaning, and tidying cupboards.

I thought I was going to find a lost tribe of pygmies in a couple of them. What I did find, (once I'd excavated down through the layers of recycling covered in loose tea that I'd spilt a week ago and not bothered to clear up) was a bag of flower bulbs that I'd forgotten about. Which had started to sprout. The unexpected combination of overpowering mould and bristling white tentacles may or may not have made me scream yelp. I ain't saying...
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No more work for TWELVE WHOLE DAYS! Yes!

(the downside being that for seven of 'em, I will have no computer access *cries*)


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