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Stolen from [ profile] denorios - The Secret Door - step through to be taken to a randomly awesome location. Could be anywhere in the world! (beware irritatingly plinky-plonky music, but it's easily turn-offable).

My first jump took me into an art gallery, in front of one of my favourite paintings (Spring, by Alma Tadema, turns out it's in the Getty Museum in LA).

If that doesn't float your boat, subsequenty jumps took me to a creepy forest in the Pyrennees, and then what appears to be some sort of deserted arctic research base. It's all pleasingly sci-fi.
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I finally got my internet back, yay!

It's been a tiresome two weeks. Not only have I had no internet (or phone) since October 25th, I had to suffer the dreaded Rail Replacement Bus service to and from work all last week. Making an 18 minute journey into an hour long. Although it was livened up at one stop on Thursday morning when the driver had a scuffle with a passenger and shoved him off the bus (while the rest of us all tutted because it was making us even later).

Then on Saturday morning I looked out the window and discovered at some point during the week, the kind postman had delivered an Amazon package, and left it tucked behind a rock against the wall of the house. So that was nicely damp, with all the rain we've been having. Never saw it, because I've been leaving and getting home in the dark, but it must have been there a couple of days. Bastards.

Had a nice surprise tonight though - got in to find a letter from the solicitors, and thought "eek!" - but it was a cheque for £10, which after about six or seven months since dealing with me, they suddenly decided was overpaid on my account. Woo!

So - what's the gossip? I don't think I'm ever going to catch up with two weeks of my flist, so tell me what's been happening around here!
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Am away for the weekend, so won't be able to reply to comments/messages/friend requests (seriously, where are you all coming from? *boggles*) from tomorrow till Monday evening at the earliest. Won't have internet but will have notepad, so will work on things while I'm gone (also, 2 x 5 hour train journeys to fill, so, er, yay).

I've turned off comment notifications on the 1D kinkmeme while I'm gone to avoid twelvety million emails when I come back, so if there's anything in particular you think I should see, please link me, haha (that goes for the rest of you too!)
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Dear Captcha: What the fuck? What the actual fuck? I thought you were messing with me with your photographs of blurry words, not to mention the greek letters, but this? Now I know you're taking the piss.

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You know what? Please feel free to cross post any of your comments on here wherever the fuck you want.
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What happened to the damn weather? 20 degrees I was promised, and it's bloody freezing, I'm sat here with the fire on. *grumble, moan, etc*

Right o'flist, I have a question. Does anyone know of a free graphics programme I could get hold of? Because I've only got Paint on this laptop, and while my needs are simple, they're not that simple. I had a sort of 'light' version of Photoshop on the PC which was ideal but I can't find the disc so assume it must have been C's.

There seem to be loads : - but I've never heard of any of them, so wondered if anyone had any rec's? Ta muchly!
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So I may possibly have accidentally created a new comm...

[ profile] ivy_and_lace - for the posting (and prompting, and discussing) of original fic.

Any of you buggers interested? Or shall I just sit here and play with - no, that sentence isn't going to go well, is it?
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Delurking meme gacked from [ profile] culf

Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the fic? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so.


Jan. 13th, 2010 10:24 pm
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I haz a laptop!

It's all new and shiny and it's finally been delivered, and OMG I haz the interwebs in bed!

Ahem. This post to be filed under "slightly overexcitable".
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New layout. You likee - Y/N?

Been bored with the old one for a while but could never find another one I liked.

In more important news - I have coffee. Fuck yes.
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Dear Scrabulous Robot Opponent:


as not, as far as I'm concerned, proper fucking words!

On the plus side, you've just let me put "cunt" so I'll let you off.

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*peers suspiciously at interweb*

Have they done - something - to the LJ header? It feels like the links have moved in a small and yet pointless fashion.

Also, I wish bloody Facebook would stop with the pop-up "are you sure" dialogue *every* fucking time I click the "keep me logged in" box. Once would be enough, people.
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So, yesterday we were supposed to receive our Broadband equipment and so forth. Did we? Did we buggery. What we did get was our account activation though, so upon returning home I discovered that the dial up account was no longer usable. So no internets at home last night.

Can I get an "oh cock" over here please? I can? Marvellous.

ETA: STILL no feckin' delivery. So another evening without the internet. What's a girl to dooooo....?


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