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This may be a stupid question, but why didn't they just build the thing at Legoland in the first place, thereby avoiding any costs and effort involved in dismantling/moving/rebuilding?
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I was supposed to be writing TG space!AU this evening. Instead I appear to have accidentally made this. Er - oops?

Captain - Slowpants? )
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Had my yearly appraisal at work today. Another mind-numbing, box ticking exercise and a form 17 pages long *headdesk*

Anyway, the main upshot of it was, if I want to get any higher in Project Management (do I? I'm quite happy where I am thanks. But you're not allowed to put that on forms Designed To Advance Your Meaning In Life Whether You Want It Or Not) is that - I have to learn to drive. Errrr. Not sure the world's ready for me in a car...

In other news: have some random article links.
James & Oz - Plymouth Gin Factory
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James May/Dirk Pitt - Y/N?

Oh, come on. That was straight out of Sahara. I may have flailed. And wondered where the French baddie was, and when Eva Rochas would be along. And, oh, vertigo!James = *love*

Anyway. I didn't know if the third ep could beat the second, but it turned out it could. Possibly because I'm actually interested in the field anyway, partly because James can make anything sound interesting, but mostly for the combination of James being faintly snarky to oblivious boffins, and for the sheer amount of suggestive innuendo he managed to cram in. I mean - "the reassuring throb between my legs"? Oh James, how I love thee.

mah macro, let me x-post it )

Oh, James.

Jul. 26th, 2008 10:25 am
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"This year, and for reasons that will become clear in due course, I'm going on a caravan holiday. I've read recently that caravanning in the British Isles is a fashionable escape for the middle-class intelligentsia, so it seemed only reasonable that I should try it. Therefore, I've bought a caravan."

...I can only assume from this, that he is going caravanning with Oz, for the new series. Holy fuck. *dies laughing*

TG 11x05

Jul. 20th, 2008 10:00 pm
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A few screencaps, because seriously, James in glasses? Ngh.

glasses, horses and that hat )
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I was childishly delighted to discover Sunday's Top Gear write up in the Radio Times starts "James and Jeremy show off the aging but massive..." Ok, so it goes on to say 'luxury cars', but I was already sniggering by then.

It also amuses me for some reason that James has been to see Kung Fu Panda. To say nothing of the fact he manages to get the phrases "suck-it-and-see" and "self-flagellation" in there.

In other news, I've just found a dead mouse behind the basin pedestal in the bathroom. God knows how long it's been there. Ewww.
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Just got round to listening to the James/Richard interview on the Chris Moyles show from a couple of weeks ago. Very entertaining - and made me laugh the way they danced around to avoid mentioning James' girlfriend by name, LOL.

Also -
"How many women do you think you go through a series?"
"Why are you asking James?"

In other news - is that a Ben Shephard I see in my Radio Times? Actually I caught a trailer for this last night, and was faintly appalled by his outfit - looks like a reject from an American movie set in a 50's diner. But still, he was hugging a random bloke, so that made up for it. Oh Ben, Ben, Ben, why can't you be on a programme that I remotely want to watch? Who Dares Sings looks mind-bogglingly awful.

ETA: Okay, so his outfit's better than the one on the trailer. Someone remind me again why I'm actually watching this?
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"We are flying east, and currently over the northern extremes of Siberia [...] thanks to the efforts of the engine maker I can float serenely above it, munching executive peanuts."


Did anyone see HIGNFY last night? May I take the opportunity of logging weird!crush #546 - Charlie Higson.
I've liked him for ages, but last night was the first time I've thought - I so would.
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And just the three months later - I finally get round to finishing it!

Part one here

Title: If You Go Down To The Woods Today - Part 2 of 2
Pairings: James May/Dean Winchester (also implied James/Oz and Dean/Sam. Oh, and James/Jeremy if you squint *really* hard)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 6,900
Summary: Supernatural/Top Gear Big Gay Wine Adventure crossover written for [ profile] halotolerant. No spoilers for Supernatural (other than I nicked the monster from the second episode) and you don't really need to have seen it to read this - Sam and Dean are brothers that hunt monsters and demons and that's all you really need to know because the tedious and emo arcs of angst just get in the way of the damn slaying if you ask me. This was supposed to be little more than a quick PWP but I'd forgotten I quite like writing monster!fic...(also, I probably owe Oz an apology for making him rather cowardly LOL)
AN: I confess this never really convinced me as a pairing, mainly because of the age difference, but I think it works as a needy one-night stand...

They seemed to have been trekking through the woods for most of the day )

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Saturday at last thank f*** for that. *drags self between bed and sofa computer*

Also of course, Saturday is James Day: my fingers must have been much stronger in the olden days Ngh. Also, he appears to indicate he wears tights (well that's how I read it, heh)

Saw the Fragments Torchwood episode last night, finally a decent one, the last couple have been a bit lame. Also, "He's pretty. Not as pretty as you," made me crack up in delight. And why do all earlier versions of Torchwood seem so much more capable than the current one LOL. One thing though, vaguely spoilery )

Anyway, what else have I been watching - Supernatural Malleus Mallificarum )

Right, now I just have to go and kill whoever it is outside cutting concrete and then I can have a peaceful day in front of the telly. Maybe I'll just put some coffee on first though...
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I see Hammond's on the front of The Times today - the new face of Formula 1 apparently. (I dreamt I had him sat on my lap last night y'know. Bizarre.) I managed to buy a copy for my mother without noticing the enormous picture of him on the front - and then saw it in another shop and did a double take and had to look at the one I'd bought to make sure I wasn't going mad. Well, more mad than ususal.

Also, free dvd with Top Gear magazine, yee haw! Note to self : stop that. And James advocating wipe down upholstery for dogging. Or something, I've only read the headline so far...


Mar. 1st, 2008 01:14 pm
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Ah, All Day Breakfasts are a wonderful thing. 2 bacon, 2 egg, 2 soss, beans, hash brown, toast, 2 mugs of black coffee - *happysigh*

Y'know, I had a feeling this morning that there was something I had to scan in. Then I realised no, actually I had only dreamt* finding a random James!article *headdesk*. Also, that there was a new Terry Pratchett out. I feel faintly cheated.

PS there's a dvd of the first episode of the second series of Kingdom in today's Telegraph, does anyone want it?

*dreamt? or dreamed?
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James May interview in the Mail - *pimps link stolen from [ profile] mycenaeanqueen*

Okay, what's really weird? Looking up to see Sam & Dean's father from Supernatural in a rom com trailer. Bizarre.

Talking of which, saw the first part of The Sarah Connor Chronicles last night - the boy Connor really reminds me of a younger Sam Winchester. Also, Summer Glau FTW. Even if she is basically playing River again, heh.
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Ooh, sunshine! I'd forgotten what it looked like. The birds are tweeting, the air is sweet, and I'm up before ten on a Saturday and have *already* put the washing on and planted up three containers of bulbs (bluebells, freesias and lily of the valley, since you ask). Crikey. Must be time for a lie down...

ETA: James appears to be channelling Jeremy again. Although making it entirely his own through the addition of random poetry, LOL.
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Finally! I got to see the Have I Got News For You with James May! *pets him* Was glad (and rather amused) that they weren't horrid to him like they always are to Jeremy.

Question: Is it rather tragic to borrow a set of dvd's from a friend because you can't actually wait for the ones you've ordered to arrive before you watch it again? Yes, probably. Also, it's probably bad to be rooting for the forces of law and order when watching Robin of Sherwood isn't it? Again, yes.

Anyway, I appear not to have updated for a couple of days, so what other exciting things have I been up to? cut to avoid boring them'ses not interested )

ETA: I have finally seen the last episode of Life on Mars! Just in time for the new one to begin LOL
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Because [ profile] halotolerant pestered, begged, requested it, I present, erm, James May/Dean Winchester...

Title: If You Go Down To The Woods Today - Part 1 of 2
Pairings: Will be James May/Dean Winchester (also implied James/Oz and Dean/Sam)
Rating: Will be NC17, this part probably PG
Wordcount: 986
Summary: Set during the American Big Gay Wine Adventure. Oz is missing, and James encounters more than he bargains for whilst looking for him...Cracky, obviously, on the grounds of monsters and er, sexing fictional characters heh
Warnings: I suppose I should warn for the implied incest, but frankly I'm more disturbed by the James/Oz, LOL

It was then he saw the blood )

Part Two


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