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Am away for the next few days, and so unable to respond to comments/friend requests.

To the sudden new influx of people/empty journals adding me, I suspect what you want is this: [ profile] suzie_fic. You can get access to the fic there by joining that comm.

Am currently on my LJ friends-limit again, so I can't friend anyone back from this journal without defriending someone else or leaving a comm. If you do want to be friends here, leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do (I have comms I don't look at any more, so can probably delete something).

Ciao, kittens.
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So, after a couple of evenings labouring somewhat harder than I do at work *coughs* may I present: [ profile] suzie_fic

I have transferred all my One Direction fic over there, and will post new ones over there ONLY, so if you're only here for the 1D fic, that is now where it is at.

On the other hand, if you're also here for the mildly bizarre rambling and surreal sequence of events that seems to make up my life, you are also very welcome to stick around :D
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I've had quite a number of people friend me from the kink!meme lately, I *think* I've added you all back, but if I've missed anyone and you're still waiting, drop me a comment here and I'll get on it!

Also, hi!
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How much do I NOT want to play this?
interactive chlamydia? er, no thanks.
Ah, the dubious benefits of healthcare mailing lists...*dies laughing*

Ooh, and a belated thank you to [ profile] nimnod and [ profile] lifevolutionary for my pretty snowflakes!
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New layout. You likee - Y/N?

Been bored with the old one for a while but could never find another one I liked.

In more important news - I have coffee. Fuck yes.
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Is there a way to set up your layout so your entries behind a cut display on the generic white background, or is that only specific templates? Because I like my colour-scheme and layout, but white text on a dark background is bastard hard on the eyes for long fics. I've had a poke about in the settings, but I can't see anything.
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Dear LJ,

Plz to be giving me mai comment notifications naow kthksbai.

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Two questions for my multi-talented and wondrous flist:

a) how do you display images in comments to posts?


b) does anyone have a download of James on HIGNFY as I still haven't seen it? I've got a feeling there was one knocking about but I can't find it now...

pretty please with sprinkles on?
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Happy Easter everybody, have a great day, whatever you're doing. Personally, I'm cooking Sunday lunch for my mum and gran. Eeep!

ETA: Yikes! LJ's got an Easter banner. At least it's not as bad as the Valentine's one, although that is a seriously sinister looking bunny...
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Oh yes.

1 day off work + 1 entire pot of black coffee = buying a paid account.

Which was immediately worth it if only for the message Hundreds of trained monkeys are currently running about flipping bits on your account which made me laugh like a loon.

So, no more adverts, yay!

And 15 more user pics, yay!


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