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Hi [ profile] noel_grey - I can't answer your message because your privacy settings won't let me and there's nothing on your journal to reply to, but if you see this, my 1D fic is all on [ profile] suzie_fic (it's locked, you'll need to join to read it) and Boy Next Door is here - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
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Email from Ticketmaster: "As a Best Seat ticket holder, you are also entitled to an exclusive One Direction gift." WTF I'd forgotten this point if it's not a blow-up Harry Styles I shall be disappointed XD

So yes, off to That London tomorrow, to harrass [ profile] astrolabus and [ profile] tinselworm, stalk 1D (on Saturday, so I shall miss the BGT final, woe), see the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum and generally Get Drunk and make a nuisance of myself. Hurrah!

Slightly sad I shall miss seeing the socceraid thing too, as both Santiago Cabrera and Damian Lewis are playing, not to mention Jeremy Renner, but there we are. I can only stalk one set of people at a time, how sad *g*
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So here we go, fic 1 of - hopefully - 30.

Title: Many A Slip
Pairings: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,583
Summary: Written for the prompt of "Harry/Louis - slipping up in front of the cameras," for [ profile] suggsygirl.

Harry hit the stage with a bang )

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Man in cinema: "Where do you want to sit, front, middle, or back?"
Me: "Uhh - middle?"
Man: "Ok, there's a seat number on here, but it looks like you won't have a problem if you want to move."
Me: "Oh God, it's not just me is it?"
Man: "Erm...."

And that, boys and girls, is the story of how I basically had a private screening of This Is Us hahaha. At least my plan of going to a later screening to avoid screaming girl-children worked I guess? :D

It was kind've embarrassing. Especially when it finished and I was the only person walking out the the cinema at half eleven, and the cute guy at the bar called "Thaaanks!" across the room and made me acknowledge the fact I was there at all ahahaohgodkillmenow.

But it was totally worth it. I was grinning like a mad thing all the way through. It's an utter fluff-piece, but who cares, they're adorable and I loved it.
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So, I may possibly have bought a ticket to see 1D at Wembley Stadium next year...

I was going to buy two and rope one of you lot in, but - yeah, £163 is a perfectly reasonable price to pay for a good view, right? ...right? eep. oh god.

(Block 142, if you're interested)

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In an experimental mood, I put a couple of my 1D fics up on AO3 yesterday (the latest one, and a rentboy-Harry one from ages ago). Within an hour they'd got more hits than some of the other fics I've had up there for a year! Oh, the joys of a large fandom LOL.

I can certainly see the appeal of AO3, getting hits and kudos and bookmarks is much more satisfying than LJ where [ profile] suzie_fic might have *coughs* over 10,000 members, but of those I have no idea if anyone's actually read a particular fic. And other than my darlingest darlings who comment on nearly all of them (♥), they don't get a huge number of comments. (I'm terrible at commenting myself, I never know what to say past a brainless flail, so I'm not complaining, but this is where a hit counter and the option of leaving kudos is so great for a shy fandom haha).

I'm not abandoning LJ, but I might start cross-posting to AO3 as well. Something else I've been considering for a while is unlocking the fics on [ profile] suzie_fic. (I'll have to change them all individually which is a pain, unless I fork out for another paid account, which ain't gonna happen. Although that would give me page stats as I'll probably leave the more dubious ones (underage and dub/non-con) locked though. I've always been a bit wary of posting RPF unlocked at all, but there's so *much* 1D fic out there now I reckon I'd be safely buried and anonymous. Any thoughts?
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I got this in my Christmas stocking. I was like - WTF is it? Toothpaste? Lube? But no, jelly sweets apparently *g*

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Fic update/reminder: have posted a couple of new fics on [ profile] suzie_fic that aren't on here: Every Touch Of The Zip, in which Louis is the band bicycle, and Odd One Out, in which Liam is inconveniently straight.

In other news - is that actual sunshine I see outside? For the first time in weeks? Yeah, so I should probably get up then?
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So, after a couple of evenings labouring somewhat harder than I do at work *coughs* may I present: [ profile] suzie_fic

I have transferred all my One Direction fic over there, and will post new ones over there ONLY, so if you're only here for the 1D fic, that is now where it is at.

On the other hand, if you're also here for the mildly bizarre rambling and surreal sequence of events that seems to make up my life, you are also very welcome to stick around :D
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Things I did not expect to dream about last night: Robbie Williams/Niall Horan.

I mean. What? *sporfles*
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~ Simon Cowell, talking about One Direction.

This may well be relevent to the interests of [ profile] bellap74 and [ profile] honeyfitz:

Aiden went on to say that he’d been comforted by fellow competitor Matt Cardle and hoped that he would continue in the music business. “Last night I had a bit of a sob with Matt, but I'll get over it,” he said.
(From here.)

Also, you know you've been slashing too much when you read the tweet: "Tabloids making up silly rumours about harry styles and louis tomlinson" and it takes you a good few seconds to work out that this probably refers to the stories about them being bollocked for sneaking girls into the studio, and not something more - er - interesting XD

Well, when Louis' retweeting things like this... )


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