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Today I have:
- Done two lots of washing to hang out in the lovely weather. Having just hung up the second load, the washing line snapped, meaning I have probably scandalised the old lady in her garden next door by crying "fuck!". Anyway, I tied the end round a tree and it seems to be fine...

- Planted some seeds. I ordered them from a website called Secret Seeds, which amused me for all manner of childish reasons. Anyway, basil, chives, parsely, borage, poppies and mallow. Assuming the cat doesn't scat them all off the windowsills, should be a good crop.

- Cut my hair up round my ears. Well, yes, all of it, not *just* the hair round my ears - you get the picture.

- Had boiled eggs with toast soldiers, then duck pate and cucumber on a toasted bagel, and then a glass of wine in the sun, sitting on a lawn threaded with violets. There are advantages to not getting round to mowing the thing.

- Cleaned the bathroom, done the washing up, and done an arse-load of ironing.

- Got the River Cottage soundtrack CD in the post. Discovered its existence having googled Mad & Distracted who do the theme music and so on. Decided it was too pricy on Play, looked on eBay and found a copy for £2 on a listing that was ending in 60 seconds time. It also contains one of the maddest songs I've heard for a while...
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A bad time to discover you've got a cut on your finger: squeezing a lemon while making drizzle cake.
A bad time to remember you've got a cut on your finger: chopping a chilli while making dinner.

Still, that was yesterday. Yeah, today was worse, LOL. Well, okay, not so bad, but it involved going to the dentist (I actually made it this week, *sporfles*) and then going in to work. At least I got to bunk off half an hour early.

So now I'm sat here with said lemon drizzle cake and a cup of tea, and have just got out of having to go out this evening on the grounds of lurgey!recovery. Which is good, because it's pissing it down out there. Ooh, and I got a new book in the post, The Good, The Bad and the Uncanny.

Anyway, how are you buggers?
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Lame injury of the week: I just twatted myself in the head by walking into the festive bells stuck to the door of our department.

Fail, Suzie, fail.
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While undertaking annual mandatory training reading for work, I've just managed to stab myself in the face - with the corner of the Health & Safety booklet.

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Just dropped a sausage back in the pan and splashed boiling oil all over my hand. Ow ow ow ow ow ow fuck.

Oh cock.

Jul. 16th, 2009 05:56 pm
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The handle has just come off my favourite mug. I've had it for - twelve maybe? - years, and it was made 'specially for me and has my name on, and a cat, and everything.


Also, going back to work tomorrow.

*sulks more*
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...just managed to slice my finger open trying to cut a carrot in half. I always knew vegetables were bad for you.

Wouldn't have been so bad, except five minutes later I also gouged myself open on the kitchen cleaner bottle. The same finger. *fails*

I should possibly point out the title of this post is a quote from Giles Coren, not Biggles. Sadly.
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Just had spaghetti bolognese for lunch. Figured I'd better check I didn't have it plastered round my mouth afterwards - only to discover that while my mouth was clean, I did have some on my forehead.



Apr. 27th, 2009 07:17 pm
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Got home this evening, and opened the front door to discover the hall and kitchen was awash in a sea of black feathers. Further investigation revealed the sweetpea plants on the kitchen windowsill were now in the sink, apparent victims of feline pursuit. Also, the kitchen was covered in bird crap. Nice.

A search failed to turn up a corpse, so assuming they'd disposed of the remains I went into the living room (sans feathers) and turned on the light. A few seconds later, there was a scuttley rattley noise, and I looked up to discover a rather bedraggled blackbird dancing about on top of the light fitting (essentially going "ow-ow-ow-ow" as it heated up, I presume).

Eventually, it twigged that I'd opened the window, and made its escape. The cats are now looking at me irritatedly, wondering where I've hidden it...
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So, this morning there was no train, as it had broken down. So I had to (a) pay an extra £4.50 to get in by bus, and (b) be late for work. And now I've just broken my cafetiere while washing it up. Wonder what the third thing'll be...


Oh - fuck.

Feb. 15th, 2009 05:23 pm
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So, I've just broken my tooth. On a biscuit, for fuck's sake. A bloody great chunk just fell out the side of one of the back ones. It doesn't hurt, but it's left a horribly sharp edge. Bugger.

Oh - cock.

Jan. 16th, 2009 03:00 pm
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So far today I have:

- left my work shoes at home
- forgotten my ID badge
- slashed my wrist with a papercut
- trapped my finger in a lever-arch file clip thing
- got ink from the date-stamp all over my fingers

Can it be hometimes naow plz?
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So being still a bit migrainey last night, when I got home from work at 6pm I thought - I'll just have a little lie up again at 7am this morning, LOL.

I think I may have needed that.

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So there I am, happily sitting drinking coffee in my fluffy purple dressing gown, when a van zooms down the drive and two young men ring the doorbell. Gas boiler service. Not that - y'know, the Landlord had bothered to tell me. If I hadn't taken a random day off, there'd have been no-one here at all. Or on Monday, when, apparently, they are coming to measure up for a new gas fire. So we'll have to find someone to sit in all morning.

Anyway, it was hideously embarrassing, quite apart from the fact I wasn't dressed, because the place is a tip - washing up in the sink and all round the kitchen, loads of crap under the boiler and in the way of the meter, knickers drying on the radiators, cat tray needing 'freshening'. Argh. *hides in mortification*

Oh, and his parting shot was that everything was fine, only if they install a new gas fire they'll have to do it all again "so this was a bit pointless really". *headdesk*
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I've just sliced into my index finger chopping an onion with a fuck-off big knife.

OW. *whimpers*

ETA: Plz can someone be inventing a plaster you can open with one hand? Kthksbai.
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"It's really hard, and very slippery, you just roll around on it."

Said I, referring to the passenger seat of a colleague's Merc. And then wondered why the person I was talking to was pissing herself with laughter.

suzie_shooter: (Default) not until this afternoon did I realise the reason my neckline was slightly uncomfortable was because I was wearing my top back to front...
suzie_shooter: (Default) put milk and teabag into your mug, walk back into your office, stare at mug, walk back to kitchen, add hot water...
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*closes Excel*
Do you want to save changes?
*hits no*

In other news, it's bloody freezing and looks like it's about to p*ss it down. We can be having summer back now, plz?


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