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Bad things:
- Appear to be developing cold. Bah. *sneezes miserably*
- Four days left to self-imposed deadline and still no closer to actually plucking up courage. Refusal of it to lose temper in face of severe provocation is not assisting matters. /cryptic

Good things:
- Wine, pringles, dip.
- Unexpected!Ben Shephard on BGMT. Albeit for about ten seconds. Still, it's making me want to write something, which is more than I've been able to for about a month so this is still a good thing. Although as what I will likely write is Piers/Stephen some of you may wish to class this under bad things *sniggers*
- Piers' new book, which I sat down yesterday afternoon to read a couple of pages of, then looked up to discover it was evening and I'd read half of it. The post title incidentally, is him talking about Jeremy...
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*stares somewhat suspiciously at unprecedented fourth day of hot sun*

Realised last night that I had a dentist appointment at 9am this morning - not the ideal start to a day, but on the other hand did mean I got to stay in bed longer. What I want to know is - with a 9am appointment, and turning up early enough to be sitting on the steps outside when the receptionist arrives and lets you in when they open at 9, in a practice with two dentists - how exactly was I called in third? *headdesk*

Anyway, had an hour to kill afterwards which meant I got to go for a coffee and then sit in the sun waiting for the train. I've just started reading The Insider - it's rather addictive.

ETA: Dear Head of Dept - when asking me to print 10 A3 copies of your presentation, plz to be sending me the correct version, kthksbai.

BGT Final

May. 31st, 2008 07:01 pm
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"I'd steal you two and adopt you"
hah hah hah Simon's nesting.

Also, is Amanda's dress on backwards?

cut for continued wittering )

Fuck it, I've made up my mind, I want Signature to win!! ...I really wasn't going to bother voting but I've just have LOL.


"For a threesome to top all threesomes - our very own trio - the judges!"
*decides this would be an opportune point to pimp latest fic*

BGMT - contd )
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Got stuck at work in a meeting, missed my train home, didn't get in till seven. Bah I say, bah. Still, today I have a new washing machine (honestly, the excitement never stops does it) so hopefully we have seen the last of the kitchen floor being flooded...

Just picked up the Radio Times, and there's a feature on a new programme that seems to be a sort of animated Spitting Image - and there's a panel showing two people covered in those sensors to do with copying the movements and stuff - anyway, the interesting point is who the two people are at this point depicting - Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan. (what? and what are they doing in that position? *g*)
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Finally! I got to see the Have I Got News For You with James May! *pets him* Was glad (and rather amused) that they weren't horrid to him like they always are to Jeremy.

Question: Is it rather tragic to borrow a set of dvd's from a friend because you can't actually wait for the ones you've ordered to arrive before you watch it again? Yes, probably. Also, it's probably bad to be rooting for the forces of law and order when watching Robin of Sherwood isn't it? Again, yes.

Anyway, I appear not to have updated for a couple of days, so what other exciting things have I been up to? cut to avoid boring them'ses not interested )

ETA: I have finally seen the last episode of Life on Mars! Just in time for the new one to begin LOL
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Re: Sandbanks - that's never £6 million-worth of view. Cornwall has much nicer views than that. Come to Cornwall instead, Piers.


Also, I've decided Taggart correlates bizarrely to NCIS:
Gibbs > Burke
DiNozzo > Robbie
McGee > Stuart
Kate/Ziva > Jackie

(Abby > perky pathologist woman who isn't in it any more, but seemed to be an ex of Burke's)

*contemplates going back and finishing her Stuart/Robbie fic...*
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Er - so I sort of wrote James/Piers for [ profile] ladybella's xmas present. For which I lay the blame firmly with [ profile] hopeh, who said she (Bella) would kill for some dominant!James/Piers...

erm, sorry? )

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Happy Birthday [ profile] tick_!

You've probably already seen this, given that it's from 2006, but have the link anyway, purely for the quote
"Clarkson is such a little squirt. If there is any repetition of that behaviour I shall make him go down"

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No, that's not an alarming euphemism, I ordered Don't You Know Who I Am, which the postman just failed to deliver on account of it not only being too big for the letterbox, but also the catflap, which meant dispatching the Husband to the depot.

Erm, and this is largely a post without a point, I just wanted to use that title because it made me snigger. Yes, I AM a child.

also, America's Got Talent (well THAT remains to be seen doesn't it) tonight...

BGT Finale

Jun. 17th, 2007 11:22 pm
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OK, so I cracked and voted for Damon Scott in the end, but when they were announcing the result I almost wanted it to be Connie, because I thought she'd be the most upset. It was really sweet how the BarWizards immediately looked after her after the announcement, and also that Piers was looking over at her at the edge of the stage while Paul was doing his song again (is it me or is it a bit weird to make the losers stand at the side while the winner reprises their act?)

Also, Steven Mulherne has completely won me over, I thought he was irritating and not terribly good to begin with, but I quite like him now. Although I'd still rather have Ben Shepherd. In any sense of the word *coughs*

and I promise I'll use a different icon for whatever I post next, LOL
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click for wittering )

I think Connie and Tony will go through...

ETA: Well, I was nearly right, LOL.

ETA2: What happened to the Kit Kat Dolls? They're still listed on the line up for the evening on the BTG website?

ETA3: Ooh, ok, according to the ITV BGT message board one of the Kit Kat Dolls is a prostitute and they got kicked off, and also the musical impressions guy (the creepy bloke in the white suit, who I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about, but we'd been puzzling over who else was missing because it had gone down from 26 to 24) was also kicked out as he's apparently a registered sex offender. Eww.


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