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So...normally when I'm rewatching an episode of something I take about 20 screencaps. Yeah. For this one I took 85. Erm, oops?

S01E03: Commodities )

Dear Diary

Sep. 16th, 2013 01:48 pm
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So if anyone wants to know what I've been up to for the last week, here's the traditional 'what I did on my holidays' post, (in which I largely fail to get through a single paragraph without at least one set of brackets), complete with photos if you can't be arsed to read it all. (Short version, I went to Norfolk with [ profile] aquiel9 and we looked at lots of ruins and drank a lot).

Long version )
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Why do I never remember to order the next season of a thing before watching the last episode of the previous one?

Why do I never remember Supernatural always ends on a cliffhanger?

Why did I think I could just sit and watch ONE episode? Like, oops, there goes the last FOUR.

So, while I wait for season seven to arrive, have a mini Misha Collins picspam. Because *damn* )
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Still got a headache and an achy face from yesterday's dental pummelling. This makes it entirely legitimate for me to be watching Lestrade's bits (ooer missus, etc) from A Study In Pink again, right? Right?


SH: "You need me."
L: "...yes I do. God help me."

Also, noticed a rather nice shot of the two of them in a cut between scenes. Subliminal shipping, they r doing it rite...

So I'll just leave these here....*whistles*

Is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing. )
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I'm sure there were several things I was supposed to be doing tonight. Instead, I appear to have accidentally watched Sherlock again. And do you know what, screencaps of Lestrade appear to have fallen equally accidentally into my computer...

*whistles innocently* )
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Have been without proper interwebs for two days, argh! *clings to shiny*

Not that I have anything sensible to say, obv. Here, have an image from Mock The Week that amused me instead... )
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Went to the Royal Cornwall Show yesterday, with [ profile] aquiel9. An excellent time was had (despite having to get up at oh-christ-hundred hours after very little sleep) and the weather was just right, sunny and warm but not too hot, with a bit of a breeze.

We accomplished our usual aim of working our way between foodstalls - burgers, ice creams, chips, more ice creams, hot doughnuts, cherries...oh yeah, and looked at some stuff. We walked round for five hours straight, from what I can remember mostly making bestiality jokes. Well, when there's a blow-up sheep in the Young Farmers' tent, and a stall called "Ladies In Pigs" what do they expect?

Best t-shirt slogan spotted: "Having sex with sheep isn't wrong it's just baaad." *sniggers*

So, photos of cute animals, Y/Y?

cowses and pigses and sheepses, oh my! )
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Eeee, thank you to [ profile] ladybella & [ profile] nimnod for your cards - it was like international shiny post day!

[ profile] nimnod - I completely failed to send you one because the one I sent last year never arrived and now I feel awful LOL. Would you like a ficcet instead? ETA: I writed you a ficcet instead!

In other news, [ profile] thinkpink20 wanted a picture of my tree...

shiny! )
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Here, have an Alex Pettyfer pic!spam. Because I'm bored, and he's cute. Also, apparently not averse to getting his kit off...

Title quote, incidentally, from Point Blanc, the second Alex Rider book. It may have made me laugh quite a lot. Because I am a child.

Also, apparently he was up for the part of Alex in the Mummy 3. (a) I really, really, really wish he'd done it, and (b) WTF, will he only play people called Alex? *sporfles*

um, there's quite a few... )
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So due to being out on Friday night, I only got round to carving my pumpkin last night... *fails*

pumpkin piccy )

In other news, I spent most of yesterday afternoon listening to this song. It made me want to write angsty fic but I couldn't think of a plot so started writing the final part of T85YLA instead. Yeah, at last.
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Soyes. Saturday afternoon went down into Falmouth to peruse the Oyster Festival - to discover a certain three men lurking in the crowd. No, not those three....these three:

Dara! Rory! Griff! And a fourth random oyster shucker! )
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Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic Tall Ships leave Falmouth. I happened to look out the window just now, and saw this! )

Yes, I could run to the coast for a better view. Or, y'know, not. Meh.
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So I wrote another Dragons' Den fic. But you're gonna have to join [ profile] the_slash_den to read it, bwah hah hah.

In other news, have some Top Gear pix I dont think I've seen before.

click for the pretty )
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Probably no-one will care but me, but here, have some Ben Shephard screencaps from "Would I Lie To You" last week...

clicky for pretty )

TG 11x05

Jul. 20th, 2008 10:00 pm
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A few screencaps, because seriously, James in glasses? Ngh.

glasses, horses and that hat )


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