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I'm currently reading Pasha Kovalev's autobiography. He grew up in Siberia and his parents worked at a factory making atomic submarines and fighter jets. There is now no part of me that does not believe the dancing thing is a cover for him being some sort of assassin. He could always kill people with his thighs.

Pashaaaaa )
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Group of small boys on train just now:

"No, right, you have to sniff crack off a mirror."
"No you don't. Where'd you learn that?"
"I learnt it on Peep Show."
"Peep Show's not necessarily right though."
"If it's got David Mitchell on, it should be."
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~ Simon Cowell, talking about One Direction.

This may well be relevent to the interests of [ profile] bellap74 and [ profile] honeyfitz:

Aiden went on to say that he’d been comforted by fellow competitor Matt Cardle and hoped that he would continue in the music business. “Last night I had a bit of a sob with Matt, but I'll get over it,” he said.
(From here.)

Also, you know you've been slashing too much when you read the tweet: "Tabloids making up silly rumours about harry styles and louis tomlinson" and it takes you a good few seconds to work out that this probably refers to the stories about them being bollocked for sneaking girls into the studio, and not something more - er - interesting XD

Well, when Louis' retweeting things like this... )
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So Stormbreaker was on yesterday, and a couple of things occurred to me. Because I am a child.

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I already posted this on Twitter, but I'm sticking it here too because I'm a child and it amuses me.

I'd already decided Cumberbatch = Amstell, but couldn't figure out who Freeman reminded me of. Then it came to me. Jeff Randall, as played by Bob Mortimer...
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@mrchrisaddison Thank God they chose to go with a picture of the castle.

So I clicked. And thought - wait, that's Pendennis. And then read the article. And now I'm crying with laughter...
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Just made these for [ profile] uk_lolitics. Because I am a child...

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Have just realised who Tina and Chandi remind me of on Britain's Got Talent...

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I appear not to have posted in a week. Oops. BGT semis and [ profile] uk_lolitics appears to have eaten all my time.

Am currently reading "Dr. No". Unfeasibly amused that Bond!girl is called Honeychile Rider. Keep imagining Alex in drag.

It's the first one I've read, and so far I'm rather liking book!Bond (if that doesn't sound too much like a teabag). Oddly it also makes me appreciate Charlie Higson's Young Bond books even more than I did (which was quite a lot) because I can really see the boy of those books growing into the man here. Plus, Higson's deadly tropical assault course was more inventive and exciting than the one in this... *coughs* [/heresy]. Makes me want to read them all again, which is annoying because the first one's the only one I haven't got. *eyes eBay speculatively*
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Double take of the day: @nickjfrost tweeting about human centipedes with the following tweet directly underneath: @gilescoren "Me, Jesus, and Andy McNab (I'm in the middle)" *cracks up*

Also, is it bad that I read the sentence Asked if he was going to be selling the family home, Mr Cameron replied: "I certainly won't be renting it out for Miss Whiplash if that's what you mean." and thought "that's no way to talk about Nick?" XD

In other news: there isn't any, so have a comedy!Clegg picture instead... )
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Oh cockrabbits, I wrote this entry once already at work, then got interrupted and forgot I hadn't posted it. Anyway.

I bought a juice drink in the hospital shop at lunchtime (yes, it's the high life for me), and thought to myself that it must have been hanging around for a while because they changed the design on the carton about 6 months ago and this was an old style one. Didn't think any more about it until I'd drunk about a third of it, when the vague realisation that it didn't taste quite right/very nice finally fought its way to the front of my brain. So I checked the best-before date. April 2008. Ewwww. Quite glad I stopped drinking it, because when I poured it away, it was roughly the colour of bark.

In other news, in today's installment of Carry On Health Service, I received an invoice for someone to "fist a microphone". Er, I think they meant to say 'fit'...
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- "King Tut's grandfather's statue head surfaces in Luxor" - like it's just physically risen up out of the sands on its own. Can't be good, surely? Ruuuuunnnnn!!!!

- "Police crack huge online fraud" - which I just read as 'Police find huge crack online' - and to be honest wasn't surprised...
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LOLwhut? Our work intranet forum auto-censors "weightwatchers" to "weigh****chers".

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...Day Of The Triffids. Swear to God, that's the line I just opened the book at. It's a curse, I tell you. *dies*

Was I the only one that wanted looting!Eddie Izzard to break the shop window and steal a dress? Really? Oh, please yourselves...

My main hope for part two is that Dougray Scott will find a second expression. Too much to ask? You may well think so.
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Someone's just put a flyer through the door entitled "Chips Away". I was genuinely disappointed to discover upon closer inspection that it was advertising a car bodywork firm, and not a fish n chip delivery service. I need to get a life...

In other news, today's canteen menu special was "Baguette filled with hot meat." Is it just me that thinks that's worryingly unspecific? *g*


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