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I finally got my internet back, yay!

It's been a tiresome two weeks. Not only have I had no internet (or phone) since October 25th, I had to suffer the dreaded Rail Replacement Bus service to and from work all last week. Making an 18 minute journey into an hour long. Although it was livened up at one stop on Thursday morning when the driver had a scuffle with a passenger and shoved him off the bus (while the rest of us all tutted because it was making us even later).

Then on Saturday morning I looked out the window and discovered at some point during the week, the kind postman had delivered an Amazon package, and left it tucked behind a rock against the wall of the house. So that was nicely damp, with all the rain we've been having. Never saw it, because I've been leaving and getting home in the dark, but it must have been there a couple of days. Bastards.

Had a nice surprise tonight though - got in to find a letter from the solicitors, and thought "eek!" - but it was a cheque for £10, which after about six or seven months since dealing with me, they suddenly decided was overpaid on my account. Woo!

So - what's the gossip? I don't think I'm ever going to catch up with two weeks of my flist, so tell me what's been happening around here!
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Train guard, overheard shouting across at passenger on opposite platform:
"Excuse me! Ths is a no smoking station. Go round the back where I can't see you!"

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I'se back! From the weekend of win! *flops*

Full update later, as it's taken me almost 12 hours to get home, but suffice to say it was ace and I wish I was still there *pines*
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So, this morning there was no train, as it had broken down. So I had to (a) pay an extra £4.50 to get in by bus, and (b) be late for work. And now I've just broken my cafetiere while washing it up. Wonder what the third thing'll be...

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Arrrgghhhhh it's just taken me three and a half hours to get home from Plymouth!!! Stupid trains. Stupid rail replacement buses that don't exist. In the end because I was cold and fed up and werewolfy and needed a wee and was going to miss Demons I thought "fuck it" and got a taxi from Truro. Ouch.

Soyes, other than that it was a jolly good day, and I shall be back shortly to expand on it. You lucky people.
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...there is a man sawing outside my door.

So! Train this morning, really flickery striplight, so now I'm paranoid I'm going to get a migraine. Although I suppose it beats yesterday when there wasn't a train at all, and I had to get the overly-expensive-but-still-making-you-late bus. Which it sounded like was a good choice after all, as apparently the rail replacement didn't turn up for two hours.

Oh and I had two small boys next to me to whole way that were playing with a mobile phone that had a fart-noise ring tone. Which was quite funny if I'm honest, but I was pretending to be asleep with my hat over my eyes. It seemed safest.

Did I have a point when I started this post? I can't remember. Oh yes! Meant to say, thank you to [ profile] suggsygirl for the card and fabulous fic! (and cheque heh). It did actually arrive on Saturday I think, but I've totally failed at remembering to mention it. Postal service willing you might get yours today...
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Well, I appear to have done fuck-all with my weekend, other than drink a lot of wine and watch about five hours of the X Factor on Saturday )

Plus, I've just remembered there's track works on the branch line for the next two weeks, whch means the most dread words in the English language - "replacement bus service". Which means coach sickness, journeys that take an hour each way rather than 20 minutes, and having to get to the station for 7.30 rather than 8.00 in the morning. *headdesk*

...this post brought to you courtesy of the words "largely" and "pointless".
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Announcement on the train this morning:

"During the Tall Ships week in September we will be running an enhanced service. However, due to the length of the train we will not be stopping at Falmouth Town for the duration of the event."

So - you're putting on more/longer trains to Falmouth, but then not stopping at the main station? Whut?
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Announcement on the train on the way home:
"We'd like to apologise for the fact that one of the seats is covered in mayonnaise."

And then a minute later - "We apologise for the shortened nature of this service, one carriage had to be removed after a passenger was unfortunately sick over some of the seats. And the table. And the floor."

You have to imagine this in a broad Cornish accent too...

And then getting off I tried to help an old lady out with her luggage, only the handle I grabbed was the extendable one, so the handle just came right up in my hand and left the suitcase sitting smugly in the gangway, while a line of irate people shuffled impatiently behind me...*headdesk*

La la la

Sep. 24th, 2007 10:01 am
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So. Good start to the week. No train this morning, so 70 minutes on a bus, half an hour late for work. Although m'colleage saw me running up the road from the window, and had coffee waiting, heh.

ETA: Well today just gets better - I just inadvertently fountained fruit juice all over myself in the canteen by squeezing the carton too hard (tense, me?) - the wet lap I could cope with, but I squeaked loudly in alarm and everybody looked at me... *hides under table*
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So the train was stuck at a signal for half an hour this morning, about a minute away from its destination. Not such a problem: I had a book. However, last thing yesterday Mr Manager said 'what time do you get in, as I've got stuff I need you to print for a meeting?'. So when the train finally got in I hoofed it through the cafe and across the road and onto a bus, which was packed to the rafters with students, and had to cling to a rail all the way up the road as there were no seats. Got into work only four minutes late - and they haven't sent the stuff yet, so I can't print it till this afternoon. *headdesk*


Jul. 3rd, 2007 04:35 pm
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So on the plus side I had the afternoon off. On the downside, they cancelled my train, the fuckers, effectively stranding me (what do you mean you've 'lost' the conductor??)

I had to walk all the way into town and get on an expensive bus (they're *so* much more expensive than the train, it's nuts) which took hours and hours going round the arse end of nowhere. On the plus side, I did see an amusing sign at the bus station warning of the dangers of bus enthusiasts. (or it might have been warning bus enthusiasts of the dangers of the bus station, not *entirely* sure...)

Anyway, I've only just got home, grrr. And the weather continues to be weird, sun one second, pouring rain the next, then back again. Stop it.

[ profile] suggsygirl, I've got your chapter, but I won't be able to look at it till tomorrow evening, is that ok? As I have to go out again...(if you want to send it somewhere quicker in the meantime I won't be offended, LOL)


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