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Title: Of Madmen And Their Handlers
Pairings: Andy Wilman/DI Lestrade (Gen)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 997
Summary: Top Gear/Sherlock crossover. Ages ago [ profile] sofish_sasha left me the prompt "Lestrade and Wilman meet in a pub after a long day, and start comparing notes on the insufferable madmen/geniuses/idiots they work with." This is that fic.

The pub door swung open to admit a waft of cigarette smoke )

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Tried to post this yesterday, but LJ wasn't having it. Trying again. Right, fine, fuck you LJ, here have a bloody link instead. Because it was epically epic.

The Interceptors.

In other news, I went back to work after one day off sick and had to fill in a three-page return to work form. WTF?
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...was that Uncle Jesse in the Reasonably Priced Car tonight? *sniggers*
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...because [ profile] bellap74 told me to. And because I can't really post it at TGS heh.

Title: Meg's Tale
Pairings: James/Meg, implied James/Jeremy pre-slash
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 1,707
Summary: Western AU. Before there was Jeremy, there was Meg.
AN: No, I don't know why I suddenly felt the urge to write het either. It's never happened before and will, I trust, never happen again. Feel free to ignore it. She was just a bit annoyed at being killed off, and demanded a back-story. Set, obviously, pre-High Noon.

Series index post here.

The first time she seduced him, it was almost just to see if she could )

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Pale Rider musings )

In other writing news, while sorting out crap in my room I found a copy of The Egyptian Affair I'd printed out ages ago - and I'd completely forgotten I'd written Ardeth into it at the end. He's not named, but it's meant to be him. *sporfles*

My mum's birthday tomorrow, so we spent this afternoon having tea and cakes and strawberries and cream. Om nom nom.

My buns, let me show you them )

Finally - OMG Top Gear! I know for about the last three series' we've all been 'it can't possibly get any gayer', but this one really seems to be the one where they're acknowledging the slash *howls with laughter*
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Title: Bird-Watching
Pairing: James/Jeremy
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 582
Summary: Daft ficlet for [ profile] griza who's also having a bad day. Prompt was J/J :Torchwood...

For a second, the sheer conviction in Jeremy's voice actually had him half convinced )

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This has actually got nothing to do with the aforementioned meme, but I’ve just found this, having completely forgotten I’d written it. It’s a continuation of Something In The Air, which was [ profile] thinkpink20’s Christmas fic.

J/J (15) )

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Despite being back at work after two days of migrainous (is that a word?) misery yes yes alright so I also managed to do quite a bit of writing while I was off, shhh today had several moments of win:

- At the station on the way to work the little black cat that lurks on the platform came over and let me stroke it until the train arrived.

- One of the Project Managers bought me a bacon and egg bap.

- This afternoon I was waylaid by a man with a car boot full of flowers, who insisted I take several bouquets back to the office. He said "I work at Sainsbury's, but I'm also a volunteer for the hospital chaplaincy - so I donate the flowers and accept them from myself." LOL. Apparently he brings them in and gives them to random departments to brighten the place up!

Ooh, and tomorrow night I'm going to see Dylan Moran! *bounces*

ETA: Oh yeah, it's the TG/A2A Children In Need thing tonight, innit. Although I may well be asleep by 10:40...
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All the best trilogies have more than three parts y'know...

The Egyptian Affair
Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 : Part 7 : Part 8 : Part 9 : Part 10

The Crystal Skull Affair (Missing Adventure)

The Living Dead Affair
Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5

The Eighty Five Years Later Affair
Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 : Part 7 : Part 8

Total word-count 98,593...

And! [ profile] lifevolutionary has recorded audio versions of them! The Egyptian Affair can be found here, The Crystal Skull Affair here and The Living Dead Affair here.

Oh, and I should re-post this link to [ profile] mad_lemming_89's amazing Egyptian Affair artwork.

ETA: And presenting...with amazing artwork by [ profile] mad_lemming_89 and typically daft story by me:

The Labyrinth Affair
Part 1
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So I wrote another Dragons' Den fic. But you're gonna have to join [ profile] the_slash_den to read it, bwah hah hah.

In other news, have some Top Gear pix I dont think I've seen before.

click for the pretty )

TG 11x05

Jul. 20th, 2008 10:00 pm
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A few screencaps, because seriously, James in glasses? Ngh.

glasses, horses and that hat )
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I really have no suitable words to describe just how ridiculously flattered and excited and just damn impressed I am that [ profile] mad_lemming_89 has drawn such an amazing illustration for The Egyptian Affair.

Click here to see it and tell her she's amazing!

ETA: Or here for a public link
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I see Hammond's on the front of The Times today - the new face of Formula 1 apparently. (I dreamt I had him sat on my lap last night y'know. Bizarre.) I managed to buy a copy for my mother without noticing the enormous picture of him on the front - and then saw it in another shop and did a double take and had to look at the one I'd bought to make sure I wasn't going mad. Well, more mad than ususal.

Also, free dvd with Top Gear magazine, yee haw! Note to self : stop that. And James advocating wipe down upholstery for dogging. Or something, I've only read the headline so far...
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OK, that's weird, vaguely hearing silly accordion music and James saying "I'll have the white Bordeux" and looking up to remember that it's Top Gear on the telly, not the Big Gay, LOL.

ETA: "My pretend girlfriend" - OMG why have I never seen this bit before? LOL


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