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So, I read a thing that said Tom Burke was going to be in an episode of the second series of Utopia. Which I'd never heard of, but it sounded intriguing, and the whole first series was on 4OD, so I thought I'd have a quick look at the first episode and see what it was like.

That was at eight o' clock this evening. It's now two AM, I've just watched the entire series, drunk an entire bottle of wine, and completely failed to eat any dinner.

It's HORRIBLE. And amazing. Why have I never heard of it before? And when's the second series? Argh.
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Sooo...I'm not saying I've just watched the Poirot episode "The Clocks", and taken 40 screencaps of Tom Burke's adorable little face, but - yeah, you get the idea by now, right?

clocks 28

Actually it's a very good episode and you should watch it. )
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Has anybody else watched Giles Coren and Alexander Armstrong's 12 Drinks of Christmas thing? It's basically a posher Oz n James/Hugh and they're adorable, and my thoughts are that someone needs to write them drunkenly shagging immediately.

screencaps )

"I think it's bedtime now."
"Goodnight Giley."
"Night night Xander."
"Happy Christmas."

Oh, hang on, they appear to be writing it themselves.
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I don't know if anyone on my flist has been watching it, but that's not going to stop me rambling about it under the cut.

(Brody drinks Yorkshire Gold tea, of course Louis' going to approve...)

Spoilers for the season one finale )
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Something I'm quite bad at is writing reaction posts before reading what the rest of the internet has to say about something. But in this case, I think I'm about two years behind, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, yes. So I've just watched Dead Set.

It was something I remember at the time wondering whether to watch, because yay, zombies - but also I was vaguely concerned that I wouldn't 'get it' because I'd never watched an episode of Big Brother in my life. And this was way before Charlie Brooker had entered my sphere of consciousness, so once I'd (a) twigged he'd written it and (b) come across a copy in HMV whilst pissed and therefore prepared to pay over the odds for having it in my hands right now...well.

I have to say )
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...Day Of The Triffids. Swear to God, that's the line I just opened the book at. It's a curse, I tell you. *dies*

Was I the only one that wanted looting!Eddie Izzard to break the shop window and steal a dress? Really? Oh, please yourselves...

My main hope for part two is that Dougray Scott will find a second expression. Too much to ask? You may well think so.
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*pokes interwebs*

Somehow I thought there'd be more Red Dwarf reaction posts given all the fuss. People seem to hate it. Ho hum.

I liked it, for what it's worth. Actually, I loved it. I wasn't sure if it was going to be any good, but it made me laugh, out loud, all the way through. It was suitably silly, and genuinely funny, and had the original music - and I can't remember the last time I saw uninterrupted end credits on a programme.

Plus, it was followed by my two favourite episodes. Huzzah!
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Did anyone see that new Argumental thing on Dave last night? It had Dara, and Mark Watson! And what appeared to be the alternate universe versions of David Baddiel and Simon Pegg. And there was taking the piss out of Simon Cowell, and a random Jeremy Clarkson reference. I quite liked it. (Yes! Tremble beneath the vehemence of my opinions!)
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Tonight's TV dilemma - do I watch Harry & Paul with its "island populated entirely by Jeremy Clarksons", or American Inventor on freeview, which is the US version of Dragons' Den, and has Peter on it. And features an "instant nakedness device".

...I've pretty much answered my own question there, haven't I.
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Cake status: 2 fruit scones with butter OM NOM NOM
Coffee status: 2nd cafetiere of the day. Or possibly the 3rd. It's bad that I've lost count already, yes?
Work status: The Manager has the day off, so I might be in with a chance of catching up on the mounds of stuff covering my desk. Probably not though.
Weather status: Driving drizzle. IT'S JULY FFS. We can haz global warming naow?

In other news, I'm quite liking Lab Rats. It seems bizarrely old fashioned in a way, but that's not a bad thing. And I've always majorly loved Selina Cadell. Anyone else watching it?

Oh, and huge Ed/Dara love for last night's Mock The Week. Although I seem to have lost my Ed icon, dammit. Also, Hugh's unexpeced!banana made me crack up. There should be more random fruit on panel shows...
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Oops, don't appear to have updated for days. This is largely due to being insanely busy at work (too busy to access interwebs, this is Not Good) but also due to very little of note actually happening. Not that that normally stops me, admittedly.

Big *hugs* to everybody not feeling well at the moment, esp. sacred_sarcasm and thinkpink20.

Recent email received from The Manager: "Is this the arrangement that we had arranged?" Got to hand it to him, he's got a certain turn of phrase...

He was out of the office yesterday, with the Head of our Dept, and the Director of our, er, Directorate, and when I saw him this morning, he said "we were discussing you yesterday." Eek. Apparently there is suggestion afoot to prod me in the direction of official Assistant Project Manager-hood. Which will mean courses and suchlike. Double eek. (This would presumably also require learning to drive, as said courses, by which I presume he means Prince training, are never held anywhere I could easily get to on public transport. Argh.)

So, Bonekickers. Anyone watchin' it? I confess I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected to, largely because the archaeological dubiousness pales into insignificance next to the sheer size of the plot holes. It's very good shouting-at-the-telly entertainment.

Also, I may be developing something of a crush on Gregory Parton.

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Just watched the Jonathan Creek episode that was on the other night - haven't seen any for years, and I'd kind've forgotten how much I loved it. I may have to buy some. Or just go looking for Jonathan/Maddie fic...

Also, yes, not only have I rediscovered the joys of the Dukes of Hazzard - now ITV3 have started repeating Dempsey & Makepeace. Man I loved that show. And I'd forgotten just how much I fancied Glynis Barber Michael Brandon. Bugger Ashes To Ashes, this is the real deal! (Oh God, I could buy the first series for £12. But they're showing it on Sundays. But I could have it all to watch now without adverts. But then I could watch it for free. Ooooh *conflicted*)

yeah, I'd pretty much do both of them... )

Oh, and - new Foyles War next Sunday, yay!
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my Dukes of Hazzard dvds have arrived! Yes!

also, have my favourite picture so far this week:

(From this website)
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Ooh, Time Team's in Cornwall. I thought our local unit wouldn't let them across the border any more after the last time *sporfles*

It's been so long since I've bothered to watch this. Talking of weird crushes - Phil Harding anyone? No? Just me then... *hides*

ETA: "What's going on here - is it industry, is it commerce, is it an early Rick Stein fish restaurant?"

God I miss living on the North coast. It's so damn pretty. In case anyone else is watching, the beaches on the other side of the river from where they are, are the ones I grew up on, up to ten years old *goes all misty eyed*

*must not slash Mick and Tony, must not slash Mick and Tony, must not slash Mick and Tony*
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James May interview in the Mail - *pimps link stolen from [livejournal.com profile] mycenaeanqueen*

Okay, what's really weird? Looking up to see Sam & Dean's father from Supernatural in a rom com trailer. Bizarre.

Talking of which, saw the first part of The Sarah Connor Chronicles last night - the boy Connor really reminds me of a younger Sam Winchester. Also, Summer Glau FTW. Even if she is basically playing River again, heh.
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Have just seen an episode of Blade - the series. It's got - vampires, big guns, explosions, fighting, and lady vampires that smooch each other and act mainly through the medium of heaving breasts. While beating the shit out of people. I think I like it...(also, already I am rooting for the bad guys LOL).
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Re: Sandbanks - that's never £6 million-worth of view. Cornwall has much nicer views than that. Come to Cornwall instead, Piers.


Also, I've decided Taggart correlates bizarrely to NCIS:
Gibbs > Burke
DiNozzo > Robbie
McGee > Stuart
Kate/Ziva > Jackie

(Abby > perky pathologist woman who isn't in it any more, but seemed to be an ex of Burke's)

*contemplates going back and finishing her Stuart/Robbie fic...*


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