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Came back from a meeting this morning to discover a fire engine outside my office building, and the place full of what turned out to be fake smoke. Apparently the fire officer had decided to *really* test the evacuation procedures, and set off a smoke bomb in one of the ground floor offices. And arranged for one of the staff to go "missing" and have to be rescued by a fireman.

Why do I always miss all the fun? (on the other hand, everyone had to stand outside in the freezing cold for ages, so at least I was in the warm, hah).
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We have been elf-n-safety audited at work. Their conclusion is - wait for it - that we can no longer use Fairy Liquid for washing up as it may not comply with hazardous substances approved for use in the workplace.

Also, we have to display a laminated sign above the toaster, warning not to attempt to use it for "any item not designed to be toasted."

Also also, they want to confiscate our tippex.
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Surreal moment at work today - we were up in the roofspace, and it was suddenly full of tortoiseshell butterflies. Guess they'd crawled in to hibernate, but the lights and warmth had them fluttering drowsily all over the place, sometimes settling on us. Must have been at least ten or so. Bizarre!
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Tried to post this yesterday, but LJ wasn't having it. Trying again. Right, fine, fuck you LJ, here have a bloody link instead. Because it was epically epic.

The Interceptors.

In other news, I went back to work after one day off sick and had to fill in a three-page return to work form. WTF?
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So this afternoon (shortly after we are startled out of our afternoon torpor by unexpected!drilling) a man sticks his head round the door to the office and declares that he's got to isolate a cable and it could be one of two and he's not sure what will go off, LOL. Sure enough, a few minutes later all the computers go off (we had immediately stopped work and declared a tea break).

Decided to spend the downtime sorting through my desk drawer and, in the process, highly amusing new!manager by the sheer amount of crap I had in there. Tomato sauce sachets. A spare pair of trousers. No-more-nails on a roll. A piece of string. Four years' worth of notebooks. Cup-a-soup sachets two years out of date (she made me throw those away *g*). Plastic overshoes. A laptop floppy drive.

Anyway, the most disgusting bit was finding a vinegar sachet had leaked at the back. I can still bloody smell it!

Oh - cock.

Jan. 16th, 2009 03:00 pm
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So far today I have:

- left my work shoes at home
- forgotten my ID badge
- slashed my wrist with a papercut
- trapped my finger in a lever-arch file clip thing
- got ink from the date-stamp all over my fingers

Can it be hometimes naow plz?
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I'm back at work. Boo. Also, they moved our offices round while I was off, so now I can't find anything LOL. *headdesk*

I bummed a lift home in a taxi with my gran the other day, and we could hear discussion over the radio between the base and another taxi about a lorry blocking Market Street. At which point our driver picked up his radio and urged "Use the cannon!" *sporfles*

This post brought to you by the emotions "bored," "still ill" and "lack of motivation." And emotions is the wrong word, but I care not.
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...I was going to do the current meme, but I can't think of particularly interesting answers to most of them, so I shall spare you the tedium, LOL.

Anyway. Back to work today, to discover that (a) my line manager is changing (from the Office Manager to, er 'The' Manager. Gawd 'elp us.), (b) I shall be working for 2 project managers after the new year instead of just one, and (c) this will mean moving offices. Er, next door (ie back into the one I moved out of this time last year, only now with different occupants).

On the plus side, we had the re-opening ceremony for the maternity wing refurb we've been working on this morning, which meant the local MP doing the ribbon cutting thing, and, more importantly, free cake. And then the lunchtime special was a HUGE yorkshire pudding with sausages, mash and onion gravy. I can haz nap naow?
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Had my yearly appraisal at work today. Another mind-numbing, box ticking exercise and a form 17 pages long *headdesk*

Anyway, the main upshot of it was, if I want to get any higher in Project Management (do I? I'm quite happy where I am thanks. But you're not allowed to put that on forms Designed To Advance Your Meaning In Life Whether You Want It Or Not) is that - I have to learn to drive. Errrr. Not sure the world's ready for me in a car...

In other news: have some random article links.
James & Oz - Plymouth Gin Factory
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Contractor 1: "I just want to make sure a fan's not going to fail, it's my cock on the block."
Contractor 2: "You'll be alright, they'd never find it."
The Manager: "Certainly wouldn't need a very big block."
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Why is it always really windy whenever I have to stick up signs round the site? I can tell you this for nothing, parcel tape stuck in your hair really hurts :D

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*is writing up minutes for work*

*has written the sentence "Larger equipment would mean losing a bed space"*

*has just read back and is pissing self laughing*

*is leaving it in, to see if anyone notices*


Oct. 7th, 2008 10:07 am
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Dear everybody that's phoned me so far this morning,

When I explain that I've been off sick and therefore am not able to answer your question due to not having caught up yet, do not follow up the 'ooh I'm sorry' with a further list of questions, because, as we have just established, I don't frickin' know!!!!!


Thank you. That'll be all.

Meh. Still feel like cack.
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Note to self: agreeing to do meeting minutes just because you fancy the person asking is not the action of a progressive and forward thinking young lady.
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Have just received a quote (for some street lighting columns, ooh, exciting) - part of the terms & conditions reads: "charges arising from compliance with the WEEE regulations have been included."

I have no idea what the WEEE regulations cover, but they sound like fun :D
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Contractor1, who has come to install bedside TVs into antenatal ward: "Why do they want them in here? Do they really watch TV while they're giving birth?!"
Me: "Well you'd want something to take your mind off it wouldn't you."
Contractor2: "Yeah, show em a bit of Top Gear!"


Conversation on table at lunch:
J: "Blah blah quilting machine."
A "Oh, does she use a machine? I was taught by hand."
J: "Blah blah knitting with fair isle wool really difficult."
A: "Oh, I love using Fair isle."
J: "Blah blah went to food fair at Trereife House."
A: "Oh, Treef, we pronounce it."

...I thought there was going to be very genteel blood spilling LOL
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*phones Legal Dept* "Do we have a company registration number?"
"Ooh. Don't think so, but you'd better check with [head office]"
*phones head office* "Do we have a company registration number?"
"Ooh. Don't think so, but you'd better check with Finance"
*phones Finance* "Do we have a company registration number?"
"Err. Registration for what?"
"A company registration number? For the Trust."
"Oh. No, don't think so."


I have just received an email from a man telling me he'll be picking up a contract in 20 minutes. He actually arrived 5 minutes ago, so can obviously travel faster than a speeding email LOL.

Also, in response to an email I sent reading "Would you be able to make a meeting this Weds AM (08:00)" I have just received the reply "Yes that's fine what time were you looking for the meeting."

On the plus side, there are chocolates in the office, and the Manager has the day off.
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Note to self: do not arrange to meet contractors outside if it is weeing it down with rain and there is a remote chance they will be 15 minutes late *fails, damply*

Canteen fail #1: Woman in front of me asks for broccolli and potato bake, gets broccolli and potato bake, then espies arrival of tray of scampi and decides she wants that instead, forcing poor confused server to abandon the original plate. (Is it me? I just wouldn't do that.)

Canteen fail #2: I get to the till, and the man in front of me is jigging about antsily trying to see into the screened off area where there are workmen. "Are they painting?" he demands. Woman on till shugs with consumate lack of interest. He sniffs, vigorously. "They are. It's no good. I'll have to leave it. I'm allergic to the toxins." And marches off angrily, abandoning his tray next to the till. *headdesk* (Woman on till looks at me in disgust and mutters "I'm allergic too. It gives me a migraine. But I'm stuck here aren't I." I smile apologetically and scurry off).
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You know work is getting too complicated when - you have a stress dream about trying to order an elephant for your project. An elephant. WTF?

Comedy moment of the week so far at work - was walking through a dept that's having building work done, with one of the Health & Safety managers. Not having been informed of what was going on, he found the secretary and demanded to know who was running the works, and that he wanted to see him immediately. A bit later, we were standing outside discussing something, when the guy in question walks out of a doorway, clocks the H&S guy (who's got his back to him) and does an instant about-turn and disappears back inside. You probably had to be there, but trust me it was funny at the time. And no I didn't tell on him :D


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