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Time for the yearly wordcount recap!

Total words posted in 2016 was 394,729 (44k less than 2015, but 15k more than 2014).

That breaks down as 361,599 words over 22 Musketeers fics, 15,284 over 5 Musketeers RPF fics, 15,307 over 5 War & Peace fics (which I'd completely forgotten about) and 2,539 was one single New Blood fic.

I'd make a New Year's resolution to finish all my WIPs, but I've already been distracted writing something else, so...

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So in 2015 I posted 439,036 words of fic - 406,723 words of Musketeers fic and 32,313 words of Musketeers RPF (Tom/Howie). I think it's safe to say I was fairly well focussed on one fandom this year...(plus there's around another 30k unfinished and as yet unposted, but that'll go towards next/this year's total).

Including the unposted stuff that's 90k more than last year. A lot of it had to do with the fact I had fuck all to do at work for several months over the summer. I was getting so bored I started to look for another job, but then they gave me a promotion I didn't want, and now my job's stressful as hell and I miss the peaceful days of dullness. I know, some people are never happy...

Anyway, Happy New Year!

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In 2014 I posted 379,909 words of fic.

That's 306,453 of Musketeers fic, 60,800 of Musketeers RPF, 11,877 of Alex Rider (all back in January) and 779 words of a Top Gear ficlet I wrote for Wyvernchick.

Yow. One of my resolutions last year (pretty much the only one I kept) was to write every day, even if it was only a sentence, and it certainly seems to have paid off!

Happy New Year everyone, may 2015 be just as productive!

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Looking through the list of fics I wrote in 2013, I saw a title I didn't recognise and said out loud "What the fuck was that?" Clicked the link and the first line of the fic was "What the fuck was that?" XD

So, in 2013 I posted 188,065 words of fic:
One Direction: 128,359 words
Yassen/Alex: 54,522 words
Atlantis: 3,252 words
Top Gear: 1,390 words (technically 5,025 but I counted the Louis T/Jeremy fic under the 1D tally *g*)
River Cottage: 542 words

Not a bad total I guess!
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So yeah, I failed on the 'fic a day' attempt, but on the plus side I wrote nearly 30k this month, which as I'd written nothing since July I think counts as a major win.

Daily word counts and overall total. )
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In an experimental mood, I put a couple of my 1D fics up on AO3 yesterday (the latest one, and a rentboy-Harry one from ages ago). Within an hour they'd got more hits than some of the other fics I've had up there for a year! Oh, the joys of a large fandom LOL.

I can certainly see the appeal of AO3, getting hits and kudos and bookmarks is much more satisfying than LJ where [ profile] suzie_fic might have *coughs* over 10,000 members, but of those I have no idea if anyone's actually read a particular fic. And other than my darlingest darlings who comment on nearly all of them (♥), they don't get a huge number of comments. (I'm terrible at commenting myself, I never know what to say past a brainless flail, so I'm not complaining, but this is where a hit counter and the option of leaving kudos is so great for a shy fandom haha).

I'm not abandoning LJ, but I might start cross-posting to AO3 as well. Something else I've been considering for a while is unlocking the fics on [ profile] suzie_fic. (I'll have to change them all individually which is a pain, unless I fork out for another paid account, which ain't gonna happen. Although that would give me page stats as I'll probably leave the more dubious ones (underage and dub/non-con) locked though. I've always been a bit wary of posting RPF unlocked at all, but there's so *much* 1D fic out there now I reckon I'd be safely buried and anonymous. Any thoughts?
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So I may possibly have accidentally created a new comm...

[ profile] ivy_and_lace - for the posting (and prompting, and discussing) of original fic.

Any of you buggers interested? Or shall I just sit here and play with - no, that sentence isn't going to go well, is it?


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