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Right, well having now caught up on the X Factor, here's what I would have inflicted on Twitter had I been here...

clicky )

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~ Dermot O'Leary, in Konnie Huq's dressing room.

Taking my role as enabler to [ profile] bellap74 and [ profile] honeyfitz seriously, I present the following choice quotes from this week's F Factor:

Q: Are you going to miss your bromance with Matt?
Aiden: "Yeah. We shared a room. Gonna miss many things." *winks*

Q: Do you prefer your hair in a quiff or floppy?"
Aiden: "Floppy when it needs to be floppy. It's erect when it needs to be erect."

also, because it made me LOL:

Q. What are you going to miss most [about the X Factor]?
Aiden: "Being called intense on a daily basis."
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~ Simon Cowell, talking about One Direction.

This may well be relevent to the interests of [ profile] bellap74 and [ profile] honeyfitz:

Aiden went on to say that he’d been comforted by fellow competitor Matt Cardle and hoped that he would continue in the music business. “Last night I had a bit of a sob with Matt, but I'll get over it,” he said.
(From here.)

Also, you know you've been slashing too much when you read the tweet: "Tabloids making up silly rumours about harry styles and louis tomlinson" and it takes you a good few seconds to work out that this probably refers to the stories about them being bollocked for sneaking girls into the studio, and not something more - er - interesting XD

Well, when Louis' retweeting things like this... )
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Well, I appear to have done fuck-all with my weekend, other than drink a lot of wine and watch about five hours of the X Factor on Saturday )

Plus, I've just remembered there's track works on the branch line for the next two weeks, whch means the most dread words in the English language - "replacement bus service". Which means coach sickness, journeys that take an hour each way rather than 20 minutes, and having to get to the station for 7.30 rather than 8.00 in the morning. *headdesk*

...this post brought to you courtesy of the words "largely" and "pointless".
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[Poll #1091125]
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Do not feed those sticky sheet receipts you get from places like Amazon through small domestic shredders, as they will eventually gum it up, other papers will stick to the workings, and the motor will burn out, leaving it F.U.K.T.

This r trufax.

Also, do not rub corner of eye after chopping chilli no matter how damn itchy it is. (Not so much a public service announcement that one, as an admission of stupidity. Also, ow.)

So, X Factor back tonight. After smugly avoiding all such of its ilk, I got sucked fatally into the last series. Although, no Ben Shephard, alas and alack. Now I'll probably never get round to writing that Simon/Ben fic I always intended to...
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Ben Mills in the bottom two!! Nononononono that's not right. Thank you Simon, and thank you for proving Mr.Suzie wrong ("he'll keep Eton Road, they're less of a threat"). I had faith...

Ray gets creepier every week.

Leona - still so fantastic, but still so not my sort of thing.

Eton Road - I thought they were improving, but they seem to be getting worse again. Buh-bye now.

MacDonald Brothers - wow, look at 'em go this week! Although I suspect they're not so much as a one trick pony as a one song pony. And I've STILL got the bloody song stuck in my head. Anybody else think the next X In The City should be the Mick Macks doing a take off of Supernatural? No? Just me then...

Xtra-Factor afterthought - would it be wrong to text the ticker and ask to be the filling in a Ben Mills-Ben Shephard sandwich? Probably...


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