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2013-05-25 10:43 am

"Sometimes you can't ROFL, cos the carpet's dirty."

So, I may possibly have bought a ticket to see 1D at Wembley Stadium next year...

I was going to buy two and rope one of you lot in, but - yeah, £163 is a perfectly reasonable price to pay for a good view, right? ...right? eep. oh god.

(Block 142, if you're interested)

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2013-05-14 07:11 pm
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"But I'm surly and I've got a beard."

*pounces on [ profile] griza* Ehrmergerd! Thank you so much for the package, LOL! unexpected!Harry Styles and chocolate cheered me up no end when I was off sick yesterday! *loves all over you*

Here, have an armed and dangerous Damian Lewis as a thank you...
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2012-11-09 07:29 pm

(no subject)

I finally got my internet back, yay!

It's been a tiresome two weeks. Not only have I had no internet (or phone) since October 25th, I had to suffer the dreaded Rail Replacement Bus service to and from work all last week. Making an 18 minute journey into an hour long. Although it was livened up at one stop on Thursday morning when the driver had a scuffle with a passenger and shoved him off the bus (while the rest of us all tutted because it was making us even later).

Then on Saturday morning I looked out the window and discovered at some point during the week, the kind postman had delivered an Amazon package, and left it tucked behind a rock against the wall of the house. So that was nicely damp, with all the rain we've been having. Never saw it, because I've been leaving and getting home in the dark, but it must have been there a couple of days. Bastards.

Had a nice surprise tonight though - got in to find a letter from the solicitors, and thought "eek!" - but it was a cheque for £10, which after about six or seven months since dealing with me, they suddenly decided was overpaid on my account. Woo!

So - what's the gossip? I don't think I'm ever going to catch up with two weeks of my flist, so tell me what's been happening around here!
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2010-08-19 07:36 pm
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(no subject)

Ahahaha, how much do I want this?
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2010-01-19 05:57 pm

"Warm cake and clean pants, what more do you need in life?"

A bad time to discover you've got a cut on your finger: squeezing a lemon while making drizzle cake.
A bad time to remember you've got a cut on your finger: chopping a chilli while making dinner.

Still, that was yesterday. Yeah, today was worse, LOL. Well, okay, not so bad, but it involved going to the dentist (I actually made it this week, *sporfles*) and then going in to work. At least I got to bunk off half an hour early.

So now I'm sat here with said lemon drizzle cake and a cup of tea, and have just got out of having to go out this evening on the grounds of lurgey!recovery. Which is good, because it's pissing it down out there. Ooh, and I got a new book in the post, The Good, The Bad and the Uncanny.

Anyway, how are you buggers?
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2010-01-13 10:24 pm
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I haz a laptop!

It's all new and shiny and it's finally been delivered, and OMG I haz the interwebs in bed!

Ahem. This post to be filed under "slightly overexcitable".
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2009-12-19 11:08 am
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"Slowly, for he was as stiff as a rod, Ginger moved."

Eeee, thank you to [ profile] ladybella & [ profile] nimnod for your cards - it was like international shiny post day!

[ profile] nimnod - I completely failed to send you one because the one I sent last year never arrived and now I feel awful LOL. Would you like a ficcet instead? ETA: I writed you a ficcet instead!

In other news, [ profile] thinkpink20 wanted a picture of my tree...

shiny! )
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2009-04-26 06:27 pm

"After all my efforts to restore peace to our tempestuous relationship"

Bad things:
- Appear to be developing cold. Bah. *sneezes miserably*
- Four days left to self-imposed deadline and still no closer to actually plucking up courage. Refusal of it to lose temper in face of severe provocation is not assisting matters. /cryptic

Good things:
- Wine, pringles, dip.
- Unexpected!Ben Shephard on BGMT. Albeit for about ten seconds. Still, it's making me want to write something, which is more than I've been able to for about a month so this is still a good thing. Although as what I will likely write is Piers/Stephen some of you may wish to class this under bad things *sniggers*
- Piers' new book, which I sat down yesterday afternoon to read a couple of pages of, then looked up to discover it was evening and I'd read half of it. The post title incidentally, is him talking about Jeremy...
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2009-04-04 03:46 pm

"Biggles had succeeded in getting off"

Sunshine! *bounces*. 'Twas supposed to be grim today I think, but it's lovely. Have just been into town, where I had a good nose through the charity shops and bookshops (haul: Neil Gaiman - M Is For Magic. Sadly no Biggles, bah), bought some stuff in Tragos (despite vowing never to darken their doors again when they ripped me off last time. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cheap stationery) and was amused by the car that drove past containing four blokes dressed as bananas. And I'm talking full-body banana suits here. WTF?

Hmmn, now I could do some housework, or I could open a bottle of wine. Whaddaya reckon?
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2009-03-28 11:30 am
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In Cornwall, even the scarecrows wear hi-vis*

*This is true. Farmers appear to have given up on building properly sinister scarecrows round yere, and instead are setting out hi-vis jackets on sticks. The crows are queuing up to laugh.

Good Things List:
- I has a letter from a [ profile] thinkpink20! *glomps it*
- Investigating Spotify, having seen a couple of people mention it and wondering what it was. OMG! *grabby hands* [ profile] tinselworm will now be duly appalled at having enabled my country music habit *coughs*
- Creme eggs.
- Sainsburys' apple tart (oh sorry, Tarte aux pommes *rolls eyes*)
- Daffodils! )
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2009-03-07 01:44 pm

Weekend Sitrep

Shiny Things:
- Daffodils and purple tulips in a vase
- Lush shampoo and conditioner in the post
- Sainsbury's mini blackcurrant cheesecakes
- John Sessions on QI

Not so shiny things:
- Still no fucking heating after two weeks. *sporks gas people, shivers*

I may have to go and sit in a pub just to keep warm. And save my electrickery bill. What do you mean I'll spend more on beer?
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2008-11-25 06:28 pm
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I have my first Christmas card of the year, courtesy of the lovely [ profile] nimnod!

Thank you so much sweetie! The toffees, alas, had become irrevocably part of the newspaper, leading to the keyring requiring a certain amount of sucking (it scrubbed up well though!), and the bubble gum was ace!
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2008-11-14 07:12 pm

When a man you've never met before gives *you* flowers...

Despite being back at work after two days of migrainous (is that a word?) misery yes yes alright so I also managed to do quite a bit of writing while I was off, shhh today had several moments of win:

- At the station on the way to work the little black cat that lurks on the platform came over and let me stroke it until the train arrived.

- One of the Project Managers bought me a bacon and egg bap.

- This afternoon I was waylaid by a man with a car boot full of flowers, who insisted I take several bouquets back to the office. He said "I work at Sainsbury's, but I'm also a volunteer for the hospital chaplaincy - so I donate the flowers and accept them from myself." LOL. Apparently he brings them in and gives them to random departments to brighten the place up!

Ooh, and tomorrow night I'm going to see Dylan Moran! *bounces*

ETA: Oh yeah, it's the TG/A2A Children In Need thing tonight, innit. Although I may well be asleep by 10:40...
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2008-10-24 11:19 am

Random post is random

I bought a pumpkin yesterday! (Look, little things, okay?) Anyway, the stalk stabbed my thumb full of splinters, then did the same thing to the check-out girl. I was sympathetic at the time, but I've just discovered she charged me twice for a bottle of wine, so bwahahahahah.

I was intending to have a productive morning today, but I went back to sleep, and consequently (a) have only just emerged, and (b) had really weird dreams. Kidnappings, escapes through booby trapped old mansions, henchmen, possibly now I think about it that guy from the Conchords who was on Buzzcocks, and some sort of blonde princess effort, who I was making a pass at. She didn't mind, either :D

Beer festival later. Suppose it would be too much to hope Rory/Dara/Griff are there on their way back wouldn't it.

ETA: Also on the dream front I've just remembered - yesterday at work we were moving the neonatal ward - and I had a mad dream about that, in which the lady in charge had shrunk to the size of Yoda and was wearing Jedi robes, and I was being helped by Julian Rhind Tutt and Stephen Mangan. I worry about my brain, sometimes...

ETA2: Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall - cramming in more and more innuendo each week, Y/Y?
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2008-10-09 09:12 pm
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Fruity, fruity, fruity!

ZOMG! *Glomps [ profile] sacred_sarcasm*, who has sent me an emergency lurgey recovery kit! Thank you so much babe!

LOL it seems weird getting a present from you on *your* birthday hehehe! (But, y'know, in a good way! *beams*)
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2007-10-06 01:53 pm
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Shiny things

I has a Top Gear 2008 calendar! *is chuffed* (worth the price purely for the caption "May worries about the state of his bottom" hehehe)

Also, I has:
* some new ankle-boot things for the long winter walks to work (memo to self, do not go shoe shopping after an enormous fry up, bending over becomes very awkward);
* some new video tapes, new series of TG for the recording purposes of;
* a lovely peacock blue bracelet;
* er, some marmalade.