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"He is a cadet. He's a musketeer cadet." Muahaha!

Hah, go Athos! Twat 'im!

Oh come on Athos, you could at least say thank you to the nice lady.

"Athos. Your arm." "I have another." <3

"The garrison will not be enough to defend Paris." Particularly if it's still only got four musketeers and two cadets in it.

Have they stumbled across the village of the Amazons? Hang on, is that Meera Syal?!

Juliette's going to turn out to be his mother, isn't she? Also, who the fuck is that, I recognise her?

Ooh, look Porthos, it's your once-a-series turn for a clunky shoe-horned plot device. Instant family, I believe you wanted?

Best friend my arse, you're definitely his mother. Hang on, wait, I know who that is, it's Jessica fucking Hyde from Utopia. No wonder she doesn't trust Athos, he's her father XD

Bastion's definitely shifty. And not just because he's got a face like an owl that's just flown into a window.

Ooh, ouch, poor Athos. Although fuck me, an injury that lasts across two episodes, that's almost like proper writing XD

No Porthos, you can't touch her nice clean laundry after she caught you having a piss.

"You know it's a boy do you?" It's going to be a girl, isn't it.

Aww, Elodie's just saved Porthos' life. See? The plot-gods decree you're made for each other. At least for an hour or so.

For a war-horse, Athos' mount is suddenly remarkably skittish.

They dug that awfully big hole very quickly.

Is Athos about to encounter a gingerbread house?

Yeah, best not to shoulder-barge a door with a dodgy shoulder, eh?

"You should have left him to drown." Ah, that's our Athos, the voice of compassion XD

Do it! Do whatever you like! No, wait, where are you going, I said take me dammit! Come back and finish me off you gorgeous floppy haired bastard!

Just a little prick.

Noooo Athos!

Aww boys. So worried. <3

He's got a fever, you should probably, y'know, take his shirt off. Just saying.

Athos is tripping balls.

Eeeeee Porthos on his knees calling Athos captain and the little forehead touch, I am dead with love. But also annoyed that it was d'Art who then got to kiss him, lol.

Yep, definitely the mother. The fact that Grimauld looks way older than her notwithstanding.

"Majesty, may I offer some advice?" "No." Bwahaha!

No way is that box full of gold if Aramis is carrying it like that. Although I liked the touch that Porthos was carrying it more easily!

What an inconvenient time to have a baby. Lucky that midwife!Porthos is on hand.

Yikes. Knifing the man in the net was a bit - enthusiastic.

I love all their booby traps.

Awww Porthos sweetie. He needs all the hugs. <3

Well, I really liked that ep. Maybe my second favourite of the series so far.
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