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Oh God episode 10 so soon, I'm not ready for it to be over!

Grimauld's gone a bit emo in this voice-over, hasn't he?

"We're almost dry, Madame." Where are they? Have they drunk out an entire tavern? And that's without Athos drinking!

Oh God, is Sylvie up the duff? What is it about this show and its obsession with damn babies?

Speech time! Did Athos pay someone to bomb the place just so it never got round to his turn?

These boys get buildings blown up on them a lot.

Not the balcony! Nooo!

Can we blow up d'Artagnan every week if it means we get an Athos/Porthos hug?

It's bat-grimauld!

Has Constance bought it? Ooh, no, not a scratch on her. Aramis needs lessons in taking a pulse.

"Weapons?" "No, the armoury was completely destroyed." Apart from that remarkably intact row of halberds behind you, you mean?

"We are the garrison." You says the title, you takes the prize! I guessed they were going to blow it up entirely from the title of this episode.

"Will he come for you?" I think he already has *sniggers*

Interesting message delivery system. Don't let Aramis take her pulse, he's shit at it.

"What are you doing here?" "They said you needed a plot device. Sorry, wife."

How long has this baby gone without a name? They're totally going to call it after Porthos' mother, aren't they?

"Ah, don't listen to him. He'll only want to pray."

That was harrowing but Marcheaux seems to have got the point...

Awww tearful Athos thanking Porthos for his plan. Be still my heart.

Oh dear. Cadet crispy-critter's bought the farm. Possibly to get away from Brujon's terrible haircut.

Grimauld drawing attention to himself there by looking *really* shifty.

Good to know that security's as tight as ever, as the guards let a random woman run right up to the queen's party.

I see d'Artagnan's learnt his lesson from the first season and is pulling the fuses out as opposed to dancing on them.

Is Grimauld not a bit close, assuming that blast was intended to be big enough to bring down half the cathedral? Because if he was intending to die there, it would have made more sense to stay with the gunpowder and see it wasn't interfered with.

Why is there a random pond in the basement?

"I need to do this alone." Why? WHY Athos? *slaps him round the head*

Really at this point I feel they should be wearing bikinis.

...Athos panting as he drowns someone really shouldn't be that erotic.

Athos: I'm in shock, look, I've got a blanket!

"Are you my new servant, Aramis?" Little shit.

Porthos - as your reward, we're sending you back to the war. Oh, thanks a fucking bunch.

No reward for d'Artagnan? Athos is totally going to make him Captain isn't he?

"Marie-Cessette. That's what we should call our daughter." Called it!

Bye-bye Gaston.

More hugs! All the hugs!

I love that Athos has told the others his plan and not actually d'Artagnan lol.

Love the fact that Porthos and Elodie are still hanging around outside in the street. Why did they bother leaving first? It's like Aramis' awkward walk ahead of them all at the end of the last series!

OMG Athos has left d'Artagnan his hat! *dies*

Oh God Aramis, not in public!! People are going to be really suspicious if Louis gets an unexpected brother now...

Awwww happy endings all round! <333

I can't believe it's all over! I will miss them all so much. *sniffles*
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