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Anyone read The Nightwatch? (As in, Sarah Waters, not Terry Pratchett). Any good? No, wrong question, I know it'll be good, I suppose I'm just wondering whether I'll enjoy it. I've owned it ever since it came out, but despite picking it up a couple of times the first few pages have thus far never grabbed me enough to keep reading. And now they've gone and dramatised it, and I sort of feel I should read it first. I dunno, it just sounds a bit - depressing? (Basically just tell me if it has a happy ending, yes?). I like her others, if that helps.

Torchwood on Thursday! Didn't realise it was ten parts, thought it would just be a couple. Surely that's enough episodes to kill off Rhys this time? Pleeeease? /unpopularopinions

Someone in the book I'm reading was just described as having a 'crisis'. I had a real WTF moment before I remembered that it was a term Jeremy had lifted from literature in the first place (Lady Chatterly, wasn't it?). Still, I boggled, haha.
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Thank fuck it's Friday! *flops*

Still, have had eclairs and strawberries, picked up a copy of Jeremy's latest for £3.99 in Sainsbury's and got home to find another Biggles had arrived in the post, hurrah!

And tomorrow it's Eurovision. Easily pleased, me.

Oh, and on the way home was passed on the road by a tank LOL. Not something you see every day. Not round here, anyway!
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Ahahaha did anyone just watch HIGNFY? Oh Jeremy bless your violent indignance :D

Also, unexpected!Ed Byrne FTW!
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Tonight's TV dilemma - do I watch Harry & Paul with its "island populated entirely by Jeremy Clarksons", or American Inventor on freeview, which is the US version of Dragons' Den, and has Peter on it. And features an "instant nakedness device".

...I've pretty much answered my own question there, haven't I.

TG 11x05

Jul. 20th, 2008 10:00 pm
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A few screencaps, because seriously, James in glasses? Ngh.

glasses, horses and that hat )
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Got stuck at work in a meeting, missed my train home, didn't get in till seven. Bah I say, bah. Still, today I have a new washing machine (honestly, the excitement never stops does it) so hopefully we have seen the last of the kitchen floor being flooded...

Just picked up the Radio Times, and there's a feature on a new programme that seems to be a sort of animated Spitting Image - and there's a panel showing two people covered in those sensors to do with copying the movements and stuff - anyway, the interesting point is who the two people are at this point depicting - Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan. (what? and what are they doing in that position? *g*)
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Hamster Is Fur It
Oh no. Investigators have uncovered a massive trade in illegal hamster pelts. The animals are trapped and killed. Their fur is then turned into coats and sold to...who? Very small people presumably. Richard Hammond was said this week to be in a dilemma. Does he buy one? Or hide?
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1) Bloody hell it's windy out there.

2) Why no Foyle's War tonight? Bah.

3) I see Jeremy's managed to get through an entire column without mentioning James. He just mentions Richard instead. And a rampant rabbit. heh. oh alright so not in the same sentence.

4) Damn writer's block. *drums fingers, stares out the window*
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Take the Jeremy Clarkson quiz on MSN

Your score is: 14 out of 20
If your score is higher than 10.21, you are smarter than the average participant!
35675 participants have answered the quiz so far.
Your Clarkson IQ is 120
The average Clarkson IQ is 101.1

TG Desktops

Sep. 8th, 2007 03:36 pm
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I have genuinely, genuinely, no idea why I was just compelled to make this, but if anyone wants it:

Richard Hammond desktop (1024 x 768)

I'm not a well woman, obviously.

ETA: In the interests of sanity:

James May desktop (1024 x 768)

ETA2: Aaaaand finally:

Jeremy Clarkson desktop (1024 x 768)
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Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words/names/whatever beginning with that letter in your journal including an explanation of what the word means to you.

Starchild4298 gave me a *C* )


JC in GQ

Jun. 20th, 2007 07:11 pm
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For Jeremy Clarkson, Steve McQueen is "the ultimate man's man, just the most all-man that ever walked the earth."

Jeremy on the best car chase movie ever in July's GQ. You know you want it... )


Jun. 12th, 2007 04:07 pm
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Does anyone want a copy of Clarkson's I Know You Got Soul? As I've just been given a copy, but I've already got one.
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A heads up - Jeremy's Victoria Cross documentary is on tonight, 8pm, BBC2.


May. 22nd, 2007 06:45 pm
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I can't *believe* I have to go out tonight, why wasn't tonight's F Word on last week when I was in? Grrr. Also, why is it overlapping the QI with Jeremy on it by five minutes? Entirely to piss off my video recorder, that's why.

Anyway, so I got bored at work this afternoon and bought Clarkson on Cars from eBay, woo hoo.

AND, I have a free ticket to the St Ives Beer festival *wins*

PS/ why no comment notifications today? grrr. hope I don't appear to be ignoring anyone...


May. 18th, 2007 04:15 pm
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Tonight UKTV History (freeview) at 7pm - Jeremy's ep of Who Do You Think You Are?

Which means I *finally* get to see it, hah!
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So, two hours of comedy - well, technically.


Ruddy Hell It's Harry and Paul )

QI )

Peepshow )



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