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May. 31st, 2016 04:50 pm
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Having been avoiding 99% of the internet for about 2 months to avoid Musketeers spoilers (thank you BBC, you bunch of fucks) I have finally today caught up with the last two episodes and can emerge, blinking, back into normal life without having to flinch violently and slam tabs closed every time I see a mention.

(Anyway, non-spoilery opinion )).

Now I just need to catch up on two months of the internet. Piece of cake, right? Yeah, I shan't even attempt tumblr (half the people I follow seem to have changed their usernames, I have no idea who anyone is anymore!). And LJ will only let me go back 135 entries, I'm sure you used to be able to tab back as far as you wanted? Anyway, if I've missed anything dramatic or gossipworthy, let me know!

I also managed to miss the actual BBC series premiere of the Musketeers at the weekend but that was because I was seeing Howard Charles in King John, so that was okay! He was bloody amazing, and I recommend catching it if you can (if it's it still on? it seemed to be quite a short run).

Also unexpectedly got to go to ComicCon, as [ profile] astrolabus had been given tickets for his birthday, where we stalked Peter Davison, and saw Erin Richards (Barbara from Gotham) and got completely spoiled for the end of series 3 of Sleepy Hollow by Tom Mison (Ichabod). Still, he was cute and funny so I'll forgive him, and his dodgy beret.

Also got to see the (Egyptian) Sunken Cities exhibition at the British Museum which was very impressive, and again would recommend, even at £16 to get in. There's something tremendously creepy about footage of giant statues looming up at you under the water, or a thing with golden eyes reflected in a diver's mask...

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Email from Ticketmaster: "As a Best Seat ticket holder, you are also entitled to an exclusive One Direction gift." WTF I'd forgotten this point if it's not a blow-up Harry Styles I shall be disappointed XD

So yes, off to That London tomorrow, to harrass [ profile] astrolabus and [ profile] tinselworm, stalk 1D (on Saturday, so I shall miss the BGT final, woe), see the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum and generally Get Drunk and make a nuisance of myself. Hurrah!

Slightly sad I shall miss seeing the socceraid thing too, as both Santiago Cabrera and Damian Lewis are playing, not to mention Jeremy Renner, but there we are. I can only stalk one set of people at a time, how sad *g*
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I'm home!

I have interwebs for the first time in five days!

I've had a fantastic weekend!

I'm knackered!

I've got to go to work tomorrow!

I've been within lunging distance of Richard Vranch!

*glomps flist*

*falls asleep*

*will update properly soon*


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