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That awkward moment when you realise your kitchen ceiling and walls are covered in hundreds of fucking baby spiders.

Ugh ugh ugh.

Went to do the washing-up, saw one hanging over the sink, thought 'ok, money-spider, I can deal' - took it into the garden, came back. Realised there was another one hanging Off My Hair. May have flailed slightly.

Then made the mistake of looking up.

They were ALL OVER the ceiling and above the window and on the walls and it was like a (okay fairly non threatening, but hey I hate them and you don't know how big they might get) horror film.

Fortunately I had to hand a plastic brush thing on a long pole and relocated them in vile hanging clouds to the garden. There may have been some casualties. But that's what you get for crawling over my calendar of the boys, bitches.

In summary: ugh. Now I feel all itchy and creepy. I need a drink. And possibly a flamethrower.

ETA: I keep finding themmmmm. (I have just shouted "Fuck off my utensils!!" The neighbours now probably think I'm nuts.)
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Dear Captcha: What the fuck? What the actual fuck? I thought you were messing with me with your photographs of blurry words, not to mention the greek letters, but this? Now I know you're taking the piss.

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Tried to post this yesterday, but LJ wasn't having it. Trying again. Right, fine, fuck you LJ, here have a bloody link instead. Because it was epically epic.

The Interceptors.

In other news, I went back to work after one day off sick and had to fill in a three-page return to work form. WTF?
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For a minute there I thought we were being invaded by aliens. Let the cat out, looked up, and there was this arc of small red lights moving across the night sky. Such as might run round the rim of a giant saucer, for instance. I couldn't work out what they were, moving too slowly to be aircraft, and burning too long to be flares. Went upstairs to look out the window, and there was a stream of them, rising up from somewhere beyond the town and drifting slowly out to sea. I finally twigged that they might be those burning lantern thingies, but for a while it was a very eerie feeling! If I never post again, you'll know I've been abducted after all. (Or gone blind, but to be fair that'll probably have nothing to do with triffids...)
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LOLwhut? Our work intranet forum auto-censors "weightwatchers" to "weigh****chers".

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How much do I NOT want to play this?
interactive chlamydia? er, no thanks.
Ah, the dubious benefits of healthcare mailing lists...*dies laughing*

Ooh, and a belated thank you to [ profile] nimnod and [ profile] lifevolutionary for my pretty snowflakes!


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