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At the moment, it's perpetually freezing in here. One member of the household however, has the right idea...

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Despite being back at work after two days of migrainous (is that a word?) misery yes yes alright so I also managed to do quite a bit of writing while I was off, shhh today had several moments of win:

- At the station on the way to work the little black cat that lurks on the platform came over and let me stroke it until the train arrived.

- One of the Project Managers bought me a bacon and egg bap.

- This afternoon I was waylaid by a man with a car boot full of flowers, who insisted I take several bouquets back to the office. He said "I work at Sainsbury's, but I'm also a volunteer for the hospital chaplaincy - so I donate the flowers and accept them from myself." LOL. Apparently he brings them in and gives them to random departments to brighten the place up!

Ooh, and tomorrow night I'm going to see Dylan Moran! *bounces*

ETA: Oh yeah, it's the TG/A2A Children In Need thing tonight, innit. Although I may well be asleep by 10:40...
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Bloody cheek! A random cat has just chased one of mine right in through the catflap. I cornered it in the kitchen, whereupon it leapt onto the windowsill and yowled indignantly at me. I opened the back door, and it legged it, knocking a vase and plant off the windowsill in the process. Bastard.

Anyway, have a literary!meme nicked from Azzy...

1. Choose, by random means if at all possible, ten books that you have read recently.
2. Post the first sentences of every book in your journal and invite your f'list to guess at the title and author of the book.

I confess I picked ones I thought you might have actually read, as opposed to the ones I've read recently... )
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Went to the garden centre earlier (well, it *is* a Bank Holiday weekend, I think it's the law or something).

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Jan. 24th, 2007 07:27 pm
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At the request of [ profile] sacred_sarcasm, here are my two shameless hussies...

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