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Just finished season 7 of Supernatural. To discover season 8's not released until next month, and then will be hellish expensive, because hello, new release. Balls.

Spoilery SE7 question )

It seems to have snuck up on us, but I see there's a new Terry Pratchett out in November - Raising Steam. And it's a Moist von Lipwig book! I am excite. And have already pre-ordered, along with The Magus of Hay, Phil Rickman's new Merrily Watkins book. It's been two years, I'm getting Merrily withdrawal. (I can has paycheck now? Um.)
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Why do I never remember to order the next season of a thing before watching the last episode of the previous one?

Why do I never remember Supernatural always ends on a cliffhanger?

Why did I think I could just sit and watch ONE episode? Like, oops, there goes the last FOUR.

So, while I wait for season seven to arrive, have a mini Misha Collins picspam. Because *damn* )
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So I appear to have watched the whole of series 4 and 5 of Supernatural in just over a week. Errr. Oops? (Dear Amazon, please send me season 6 quickly, or I will have to bite you, thanks.)

Anyway, I now appear to be in love with Castiel AND Crowley. I'm guessing this is a common reaction, although so far I'm keeping my distance from fandom things, because the only thing I know about the Supernatural fandom is that it apparently harbours even more insane wank than the 1D fandom. And that's an achievement. (Although also because I don't want to be spoilered for the seasons I haven't seen yet).
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So, still off sick. Meh. Brain too fried to write, so in the last three days I've watched the whole of Supernatural season 4 (although this might explain why my brain is fried). And I know I'm about 5 years late to the party, but hellooooo Castiel.
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Title: An American Tale
Pairings: James/Jeremy
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 842
Summary: In the last round of prompt requests, [ profile] elfwhistletree wanted to know what happened between James and Jeremy after the wendigo incident. I don't know if I'll post this on TGS or not, as it's more like a deleted scene than a full fic, but while I make up my mind, have it here...

It wasn't that he expected James to hang onto his every word )

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And just the three months later - I finally get round to finishing it!

Part one here

Title: If You Go Down To The Woods Today - Part 2 of 2
Pairings: James May/Dean Winchester (also implied James/Oz and Dean/Sam. Oh, and James/Jeremy if you squint *really* hard)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 6,900
Summary: Supernatural/Top Gear Big Gay Wine Adventure crossover written for [ profile] halotolerant. No spoilers for Supernatural (other than I nicked the monster from the second episode) and you don't really need to have seen it to read this - Sam and Dean are brothers that hunt monsters and demons and that's all you really need to know because the tedious and emo arcs of angst just get in the way of the damn slaying if you ask me. This was supposed to be little more than a quick PWP but I'd forgotten I quite like writing monster!fic...(also, I probably owe Oz an apology for making him rather cowardly LOL)
AN: I confess this never really convinced me as a pairing, mainly because of the age difference, but I think it works as a needy one-night stand...

They seemed to have been trekking through the woods for most of the day )

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Saturday at last thank f*** for that. *drags self between bed and sofa computer*

Also of course, Saturday is James Day: my fingers must have been much stronger in the olden days Ngh. Also, he appears to indicate he wears tights (well that's how I read it, heh)

Saw the Fragments Torchwood episode last night, finally a decent one, the last couple have been a bit lame. Also, "He's pretty. Not as pretty as you," made me crack up in delight. And why do all earlier versions of Torchwood seem so much more capable than the current one LOL. One thing though, vaguely spoilery )

Anyway, what else have I been watching - Supernatural Malleus Mallificarum )

Right, now I just have to go and kill whoever it is outside cutting concrete and then I can have a peaceful day in front of the telly. Maybe I'll just put some coffee on first though...
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James May interview in the Mail - *pimps link stolen from [ profile] mycenaeanqueen*

Okay, what's really weird? Looking up to see Sam & Dean's father from Supernatural in a rom com trailer. Bizarre.

Talking of which, saw the first part of The Sarah Connor Chronicles last night - the boy Connor really reminds me of a younger Sam Winchester. Also, Summer Glau FTW. Even if she is basically playing River again, heh.
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Because [ profile] halotolerant pestered, begged, requested it, I present, erm, James May/Dean Winchester...

Title: If You Go Down To The Woods Today - Part 1 of 2
Pairings: Will be James May/Dean Winchester (also implied James/Oz and Dean/Sam)
Rating: Will be NC17, this part probably PG
Wordcount: 986
Summary: Set during the American Big Gay Wine Adventure. Oz is missing, and James encounters more than he bargains for whilst looking for him...Cracky, obviously, on the grounds of monsters and er, sexing fictional characters heh
Warnings: I suppose I should warn for the implied incest, but frankly I'm more disturbed by the James/Oz, LOL

It was then he saw the blood )

Part Two
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(This is brief, as I may be slightly drunk...)

Supernatural is back! 2nd series/ep 01 spoiler cut )


Clarkson DVD )


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