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Anyone read The Nightwatch? (As in, Sarah Waters, not Terry Pratchett). Any good? No, wrong question, I know it'll be good, I suppose I'm just wondering whether I'll enjoy it. I've owned it ever since it came out, but despite picking it up a couple of times the first few pages have thus far never grabbed me enough to keep reading. And now they've gone and dramatised it, and I sort of feel I should read it first. I dunno, it just sounds a bit - depressing? (Basically just tell me if it has a happy ending, yes?). I like her others, if that helps.

Torchwood on Thursday! Didn't realise it was ten parts, thought it would just be a couple. Surely that's enough episodes to kill off Rhys this time? Pleeeease? /unpopularopinions

Someone in the book I'm reading was just described as having a 'crisis'. I had a real WTF moment before I remembered that it was a term Jeremy had lifted from literature in the first place (Lady Chatterly, wasn't it?). Still, I boggled, haha.
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BBC news just announced an earthquake in South Wales. My first thought? Bloody Torchwood...

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Title: Bird-Watching
Pairing: James/Jeremy
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 582
Summary: Daft ficlet for [ profile] griza who's also having a bad day. Prompt was J/J :Torchwood...

For a second, the sheer conviction in Jeremy's voice actually had him half convinced )


Fic Rec

May. 7th, 2008 07:48 pm
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Y'all should read this (Dr Who/Torchwood/HP RPS) *nods*

Thanks to [ profile] gokuma for the link!
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Saturday at last thank f*** for that. *drags self between bed and sofa computer*

Also of course, Saturday is James Day: my fingers must have been much stronger in the olden days Ngh. Also, he appears to indicate he wears tights (well that's how I read it, heh)

Saw the Fragments Torchwood episode last night, finally a decent one, the last couple have been a bit lame. Also, "He's pretty. Not as pretty as you," made me crack up in delight. And why do all earlier versions of Torchwood seem so much more capable than the current one LOL. One thing though, vaguely spoilery )

Anyway, what else have I been watching - Supernatural Malleus Mallificarum )

Right, now I just have to go and kill whoever it is outside cutting concrete and then I can have a peaceful day in front of the telly. Maybe I'll just put some coffee on first though...
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Torchwood take on Papa Lazarou! Yes! Oh dear God why am I the only one not watching the BBC3 episodes? I can NEVER find everybody's posts the week after *headdesk*

Anyway, loved the ep, PJ Hammond should write all of them Y/N?


And in today's "unpopular opinions" slot - am I the only one that finds strike tactics deplorably tedious, self-spiting and peer-bullying? (I don't just mean this whole LJ-wank thing, I mean my general reaction to hearing some group is striking is 'oh for fuck's sake') Politics : this is me, failing to give a toss.

*watches tumbleweed roll past*


Finally, Happy Vernal Equinox! Longer days from here on in! But I *like* the dark, wah!
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Yes! Yesyesyesyesyes!

Now that's more fuckin' like it!

ETA: Yayiconage! Thank you for the link [ profile] gokuma, although your comment has disappeared again LOL
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The Sarah Jane Adventures - how fantastic was that? Sonic lipstick, LOL. Mind you, would you buy a drink that actually advertised itself as having something called 'bane' in it? Bit of a giveaway, no? No? Oh well. Loved evil!Moneypenny Mrs Wormwood. (Why didn't they sneak back in the way they originally got out? Not that the bus bit wasn't funny.) I'd still prefer dodgy monster costumes over CGI, but that's just me being weird, presumably.
Squealed at Sarah's pictures of the Brigadier. That, coupled with the fact one of her suggestions for the kid's name was Alistair, leads me to suspect it wasn't the Doctor that was her one true love...arf! Oh, and I want her coat. Now, please.

Wind In The Willows Absolutely loved this, it was so beautifully filmed and sweet. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn bit was just gorgeous and I loved Mark Gattiss anyway, but even more now. And it's done nothing to dissuade me from my sick conviction that Ratty and Mole were in a relationship, heh heh What's Mole been in before? I know, I know, Google is my friend...

Torchwood 2-parter
spoiler cut )
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Doctor Who - Runaway Bride
Well I thought it was bloody marvellous. Although I suspect it helped not having seen any Catherine Tate before. Loved the little kids in the car watching the chase on the motorway, shouting "jump". Thought it was a bit of a cop out not seeing any of the hoards of Racnoss presumably scuttling up the tunnel - budget not stretch to that then lads? Definitely one to watch again though.

Top Gear Round-ups
Favourite moment: on the 2005 awards programme repeat, James muttering "award for best thong" while the other two were arguing had me creased up. They will obviously actually have to *have* one this year. AND then a 2006 highlights programme. Bonus!

Books For Boys
With Richard Hammond (filmed earlier in the year) zipping about on a motorbike, helicopter and flashy car, interviewing authors. Very interested to see Garth Nix and Anthony Horowitz, confused because Charlie Higson was in the trailer but not the programme. Suspect this was the other programme that was on last night, that I missed...And, ooh, Hammond's brother was on it. That was weird. Looks like a cross between Hammond and Goran Ivanisevic...

Weevil Fight Club! Heh. Best one for a while, definitely. Loved Gwen - "I'm sorry. Because I'm ashamed. And because I've drugged you." Wasn't expecting that, had me in stitches.

Ruby In The Smoke
I can't actually think of anything earthshattering to say about this. It felt a bit slow, I ended up doing other stuff while it was on, rather than being glued to it. But Billie was good, Fred looked about right and it did the job. And it had Lance from the Runaway Bride in it. Refuse to watch Shadow In The North though.

Jackanory with John Sessions
I can't express how fantastic this was. I missed it when it was first on, so this was a good afternoon's treat. All those characters at once (and the animation wasn't irritating, which is always a bonus) - the man's a marvel *Sessions!love*
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I appear to be one of very few people who completely love this series *Waah*

Spoilery musings )


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