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Yes I know I'm a day early, but I'm off to my mum's later until Boxing Day, land of no internet and barely any phone signal. Hope everyone has a good Christmas! xx


(gif nicked from tumblr, no idea what the original source was but I like it, so.)
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I got this in my Christmas stocking. I was like - WTF is it? Toothpaste? Lube? But no, jelly sweets apparently *g*

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...I just watched all of Doctor Who convinced that was Miranda Richardson. I fail at actress recognition so badly.

In other news, the lunch went well, thanks. Turkey, potatoes, sprouts, parsnips, bread sauce, sausagemeat stuffing, gravy, yorkshire puds, broccoli, sausages, carrots, onions, chesnuts. All ready at the same time and all of it edible. *wins* *collapses with exhaustion*

Huge thank you to [ profile] thinkpink20 for the TG calendar and [ profile] sacred_sarcasm for the lovely notebook! Amongst my other haul I also got The Big Book Of Top Gear from m'colleague C. (plus a bottle of gin and a huge box of malteasers - she knows me so well LOL), a Stig keyring, and the second series of Oz n James on dvd. And enough chocolate to open a chocolate shop. (Serioulsy. The biggest box of chocolates you have ever seen from The Manager.)

Right, next up: Wallace and Gromit. Hope everyone's having a lovely day.
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Merry Christmas Biatches!

In more worrying news, my mum has gone down with what I had, meaning I now have to cook the Christmas dinner. Still. How hard can it be...?
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Thank you [ profile] beckstar2 for the lovely card! And yes, I promise not to slash the choir boys LOL. Although my first thought was "ooh, choir boy!James" LOL.

No more work till Monday, yippee! Although I confess I've done sod all for the last two days anyway. And! I was allowed time off work this morning to go and do my Christmas shopping, LOL. I have a list of final things to acomplish tomorrow (ice the cake, make mince pies, finish the present shopping, wrap shit up), and then I can hopefully relax and enjoy stuff!

I popped into Sainsburys on the way back from work, and picked up a few odds and sods and a bottle of wine. The cashier looked at it incredulously and said "Just the one? You normally have plenty! Must have some at home, yes?" *dies laughing* - d'y'think I drink too much...?
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I has a treeeeee! With all lights n shit. Well, not shit. That's not very festive. But yeah, balls. (This post is less coherent than it could be isn't it).

I need a Christmassy icon dammit.

's very piney in here *sniffs* ahhhh.
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Eeee! Thank you [ profile] anazri for the glitteryest card evah! I now have a glittery!bed LOL. (and cat, and hands, and - LOL)

And to [ profile] sacred_sarcasm for an awesome card and also shiny!present!yayz! (I may have actually said 'ZOMG' to the cat *sporfles*)


Nov. 25th, 2008 06:28 pm
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I have my first Christmas card of the year, courtesy of the lovely [ profile] nimnod!

Thank you so much sweetie! The toffees, alas, had become irrevocably part of the newspaper, leading to the keyring requiring a certain amount of sucking (it scrubbed up well though!), and the bubble gum was ace!
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*glomps [ profile] hopeh* - your card arrived this morning, Christmas!Jeremy, eeeeeee! *kisses him you*

PS in case anyone's interested/didn't know - Hammond's standing in for Wogan on Radio 2 (today, which you could grab on Listen Again) and from Boxing Day onwards - next week as well. 07:30 - 10:00 I think.
[/ public service announcement]
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The Holly and the Ivy is one of my favourite carols for various reasons, despite the fact I can only ever remember about 2 lines of it. It's in The Children of Greene Knowe, which is always something to re-watch at Christmas, and Sweet Singing In The Choir was a short story in my favorite book of fantasy stores when I was little. Oh yeah, and it's incredibly pagan LOL. So imagining James singing it makes me spaz happily. I fully intended to download the one he recommended, but in the end I preferred the arrangement of the St Paul's one, sorry James LOL

In other news:

Thank you [ profile] beckstar2 for your card!

And last but definitely by no means least I HAZ A CERI BOOK! Arrived this morning, An Anatomy Of Chester, short-short stories, including one by our very own [ profile] thinkpink20! Which is, obviously, feckin' amazing.
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Ooh, meant to say, a big thank you to [ profile] cryforthemoon for your lovely card! It was waiting for me when I got home. I am now covered in glitter LOL
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Right. Day off, woo!
*rolls up sleeves, contemplates making Christmas cake*

Ooh, and thank you to [ profile] ladybella and [ profile] sacred_sarcasm for your cards! *bounces*
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y'know how, when you skim read paragraphs, certain words leap out at you, possibly giving an entirely false impression of the content? - fourth paragraph down. For some reason the words that leapt out at me were "James" and "spanking" *sniggers*

also, the sign in that picture is crying out for someone to photoshop a different message onto it.

in other news, I am covered in glitter and sap. No, I haven't been to a pixie orgy *looks sternly at [ profile] cryforthemoon* but my Christmas tree is finally up and looking, well, spanking gorgeous.

please place bets on whether the words in the final sentence that leap out are '[ profile] cryforthemoon' and 'spanking' *sniggers*
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Dear WHS, plz to not be making silver envelopes you cannot actually visibly write on, kthksbai.

Also, M&S self-seal envelopes for the muthafuckin win.

Ahem, yes. Cards nearly all done, huzzah!

Ooh, and thank youuuuuu to [ profile] suggsygirl and [ profile] m_l_h for their lovely cards!

ETA: Bloody hell, my gran bought me a lottery ticket and I won £44!


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